Sunday, December 6, 2009


1. If you believe that after marching 20 miles with a full pack, a 90-lb woman is every bit as effective in combat as a 190-lb man.

2. If you believe that two men living together and engaging in oral sex, and sodomy are now a family.

3. If you believe that after adding 15 to 20 million uninsured, will not result in higher taxes, health rationing, and higher insurance premiums for people already insured.

4. If you believe the cure for illegal immigration, is amnesty for all 20 million illegals, and that a blanket amnesty won't cause 20 million more to head for our borders, and cross illegally as their predecessor's did.

5. If you believe that a man who has his male genitalia removed, takes a few female hormone shots, is now a woman, in every aspect of the word.

6. If you believe that all criminal's, jihadist's, and psycho's will obey the gun laws.

7. If you believe that if we are politically correct, and do not call a Muslim extremist a terrorist, then they will leave us alone.

8. If you believe that if the Palestinians are given their own state, that in turn they will leave Israel in peace.
9. If you believe that abortion is not the murderous destruction of a helpless human being, and knowing when life begins is above your pay grade.

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