Thursday, December 10, 2009

CPO15 Video

I just finished watching the Video that the Copenhagen Climate Conference opened with. It is a disgusting lying piece of propaganda, it is being used to frighten the children of the world, so that these Global Warming Environmentalists can literally steal trillions of dollars from tax payers world wide, to fund a combat against climate change. It made me sick to my stomach to know that adults would prey on helpless children. These children that will be forced to watch a fictitious video as this, and be taught that this is the future, are nothing but pawns in a giant politically motivated rape of the human race. There is no excuse, but greed. These perpetrator's should be tried for treason against humanity, and hanged somewhere for all the world to see. They deserve no better!!!

There is NO global warming, there is NO man made climate change, there is NOTHING man can do to combat the natural scheme of things. The earth's climate has always changed, and changed again. A prime example is Greenland Glaciers. Isn't anyone wondering why Greenland was named Greenland. It's because at one time it was "GREEN", it was farmed by the Norsemen, the Vikings if you will. The glaciers that formed over Greenland are not man made, the fact that Iceland is now able to be farmed, gee I wonder how it got it's name? This is also not the result of anything that man has done. The earth is a living breathing planet, created by God, it has the ability to change, and change again, a built in survival mechanism. These environmentalists are doing nothing to help the planet or mankind. They are merely arrogant in thinking that they can control something that God gave life too, as if it were an animal to be tamed. If their arrogance isn't enough, they are on the verge of stealing our very way of life in the name of saving mankind from itself. They do not care about you, or the welfare of the planet, they are using this entire ruse to steal money, control the population, and redistribute wealth. I would so much love to be wrong on this one, but I do not believe I am. God Help Us

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