Sunday, October 25, 2009

ZERO-TOLERANCE! How many mixed messages can our children take?

Zero-Tolerance, what is it, and why are our public schools using it? The truth of the matter, is that the term "Zero-Tolerance" is an excuse for the lack of discernment. The learned school board members, the teachers, the school deans, and principals, all have a problem with discernment. All the education in the world does not provide our school authorities with even the simplest form of common sense. They can not discern what's right or wrong. They do not want to make a decision on case to case basis. So what do they do? They impose a Zero-Tolerance rule that virtually encompasses every rule of behavior in the school. Everything is forbidden, therefore you only need one rule, and one punishment. There is no discussion, no right and no wrong. For our educator's to impose a Zero-Tolerance rule is to relieve the educator's of responsibility. In essence, the only thing a Zero-Tolerance rule does, is send another of many mixed messages to our school children.
In classes from k-12, our school children are taught to tolerant, all genders, and cross genders, all sexual preferences, and persuasions. Our students are taught that there is no right, no wrong. They are taught there is no winning, and no losing. They are taught that all religious beliefs are the same. Basically, our children are being taught to be TOLERANT of everything, and everyone, and every circumstance, but, there is a Zero-Tolerance rule they must abide by. If these aren't mixed messages, I don't know what could confuse these youngsters more!!!
I think it's high time that our paid educator's showed just a little bit of responsibility. I think any and all Zero-Tolerance rules should be repealed. I think that a teacher and a principal can and will be able excersise some reason when it comes to dicipline, and enforcement of school rules. Not all children are the same, not all circumstances are the same. If we can get the liberal, progressive politicians out of the education system, our schools and children will be much better off.

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