Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Although there is little doubt that the upcoming Copenhagen Treaty conference beginning Dec 7th, could be a crucial point in this country's sovereignty, it will not be the be all end all. If Obama should travel to Copenhagen and actually attend this conference, it would go against his usual "it's all about me" way of doing things. He will be in Oslo that same week to accept his so very well deserved Nobel Peace Prize, so I doubt he'll attend anything that takes the eyes of the media off himself.
Make no mistake however, Obama has his agenda, and he isn't going to abandon it, no sir, not for anything. He will bring capitalism to it's knees, by hook or by crook. One thing we must keep in perspective, Barack Obama doesn't need the Copenhagen Treaty to do it. He doesn't need the United Nations either. His Marxist ideals are not only deep in his mind, and close to his heart, but they are also deeply entrenched in Washington, D.C. Although outside help from other Progressive/Marxist countries would be welcomed by the Obama White House, they are not necessary for the success of Obama's fundamental changing and rearranging of this country, not by a long shot. I mean, why depend on outside governments, when you have control of your own? The big reason Obama doesn't need outside help, is because he has people like Rahm Emmanuel, and Chris Dodd, and Nancy Pelosi, the list is unending. Obama stooges permeate the Beltway like water in a sponge. Two of his Marxist stooges are Henry Waxman and Ed Markey, the authors of the Cap and Trade Bill, you know the one that narrowly passed the House on June 26th of this year. Well, narrowly or not, the Bill H.R. 2454 did in fact pass, and that is NOT a good thing. Should this Cap and Trade Bill successfully pass the Senate, it will definitely fundamentally change our way of life in this country, and it won't be for the good either. Here are just a few effects if this Bill passes: It will cost the average family of four almost $3,000.00 a year in additional energy. It will cause the loss of 2.5 million jobs by year 2035, (that's really not that far away). It will cause a loss in this country's GDP (gross domestic product) of $9.4 trillion dollars. Believe me, that's not a number to sneeze at. Passage and implementation of this Bill 2454 will, as planned, bring the economy of this country to a fall of Biblical proportions. We'll be so deeply depressed, it will make the Great Depression seem like a picnic.
Never take this President lightly, look around the smoke and mirrors. He wants you to pay attention the Copenhagen Treaty, because he doesn't need it. He does, however, need the passage of the Cap and Trade Bill . His planned demise of Capitalism depends on it. Write, call, or visit your Senators and Congressmen, defeat this Cap and Trade, and you'll throw a wrench into Obama's plans. If we don't stop this Bill 2454, one morning you'll look outside, and you'll see pieces of the sky falling all around you, and in your neighbor's yard, it will be to late then. This country is not to big to fail. God Help Us

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