Saturday, October 10, 2009


Barack Hussein Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize, for what you ask? Me too! I can't put my finger on any one thing that he did in his first twelve days in office to deserve the prize. The deadline for nominees to be considered for the prize came a mere twelve days after Obama's inauguration. Does anyone else see the political agenda here on the part of the Nobel Committee? The fact that the Nobel committee is comprised of a bunch of liberal, one world, socialists, it is no surprise that they would award the prize to a man who has contributed nothing, and couldn't have in twelve days, anyway. What the committee sees in Obama is a weak man they can coerce into NOT supporting his troops in Afghanistan. A Nobel Peace Prize would surely be wasted on anyone else at this time. Their thinking is this, if we make Barack Obama a Nobel Laureate, then he couldn't possibly send more troops to war, he also wouldn't dare to use military force to stop Iran's nuclear program, or North Korea's either. The Nobel Committee, although far left socialists, are not stupid. They know that they can manipulate a president who is so full of himself, that he couldn't bear to lose face in front of the world by sending 40,000 more troops to war. Barack Obama is weak, and narcissistic, so much so that his only real concern is how he appears. He honestly feels, as long as he looks good, the world will love him and give him a pass on every decision he makes. The most frightening thing about this, he's right. Barack Obama along with a few choice cronies will bring this country into a socialistic state, because there are too many people enamored with his charisma. If he and his agenda are not stopped, this country is in eminent peril. Our way of life will be taken from us, our liberty, our freedoms, they all hang in the balance. When all these things are gone, the illegal immigration problem will be solved, because once we become a third world country, no one will want to come here, and many of us will be looking for someplace else to go. God Help This Country

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