Thursday, October 8, 2009


It appears that our government, well, really not our government, but instead, the Obama administration is literally hijacking our country. It doesn't take much convincing, to know that this is happening, if one merely looks at how the present administration is doing things, all for the betterment of the people, of course. Let's see, first it was bank bail outs, not all banks, but certainly the ones that finance the lawmakers, and of course ACORN. Then there was the mortgage industry, to be more specific, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The taxpayers had to bail them out, or the sky would fall. Then this awesome stimulus package, that Obama doesn't want to be called stimulus, mostly because it hasn't stimulated anything. Generally, it was a rush through or else the United States would die on the vine, as it were, Big Failure. The unemployment continues to rise, even though all those "shovel ready" jobs were in the works. Then, the auto manufacturer's needed to be bailed out, and absorbed by the taxpayers. Does anyone see a pattern here? Let me go on, and we'll see if the one thing shows up again. After the auto manufacturers, the health care reform program, that the taxpayer's will have to pick up the tab on. Now it's Cap & Trade Bill, you know the one that if it passes, will cause every one's energy bill to, skyrocket, those are the words of Barack Obama, not mine. How he managed to get elected after a statement like that, I'll never know. If we have to pay an extremely higher energy bill, well, that's just another one of those back door taxes. The Obama administration says they'll be taxing the Big Bad Energy Companies, not the consumer, well, we'll see how that works out when the energy company passes the Carbon Footprint Tax on to you and me, won't we? The entire agenda is to tax America to it's knees. Let's take "Global Warming" shall we? The earth has been cooling for the past ten years, the ice caps aren't melting away, but building up. The ocean temperatures are at their lowest reading in decades, and the surface temperatures are also at a 10 year low. Where is the warming problem? I'll tell you where, there is NO global warming problem. The entire thing is a scheme to extract more taxes from you, to make you poor, and make you dependent on the government for your food, your heat, your transportation, and so on. In the end, it will all add up to a serious attempt by the world elite, with Obama in the lead, at global population control. Our man Obama has a Czar, that thinks you are not even a living entity until you are several years old, and even then it depends on your social upbringing, it is very frightening. Let's ask just one question, shall we? If a man murders his wife, and she's pregnant, doesn't he face charges for the murder of both mother and unborn child? Actually, that just happened, did it not? The Peterson case comes to mind. So if in fact that's the case, how come abortion is legal, because the baby is not a considered a human being, but in the case of murder, the unborn child is in fact considered a human being. None of this makes sense. We have become a hijacked nation, our laws and our lawmakers are corrupt, and they are corrupt on purpose. There is an agenda, and part of it is to keep "We The People" confused, while they steal our rights and liberties and freedom from us. Slight of hand, and it's working. Do not trust what this President tells you, he is lying. If he shows you what he is doing, then you can bank on the fact that he's showing it to you, so you miss what he's doing behind your back. How much more money does the government have to print, before it becomes valueless? Not much more, I can assure you of that. Oh, that one thing in the pattern, was, just in case you didn't catch it, the TAXPAYER is always going to pay the tab. Our legislator's are laughing at "We the People", all the while they are stealing us blind. God Help This Nation.

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