Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Forgive, But How Do You Forget?

It's the David Letterman revelation thing. Isn't it funny, that he said he needs to protect his family from this scandal? What a hypocrite!!! Where were his concerns, when he was making malicious remarks about Sarah Palin's daughters? Does he really expect the people to understand, and give him a pass? Well, I guess he does. I'm afraid I have to lump Mr. Letterman into the same group with Bill Clinton, they make good company. I suppose, because I am a Christian, I can forgive his infidelity, and I pray that his wife and family can do likewise, but I certainly couldn't blame them if they threw the numb skull out on his ear. When you consider the amount of grief he threw at Sarah Palin and her her family, I think he is getting exactly what he deserves from the media, and the comedy people he tries to acquaint himself with. I never thought he was even remotely funny, and personally, I wouldn't spit on the best part of the man. But that's just me.

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