Friday, August 16, 2013


What do you get when you cross a Bully with a moron?  Why, you get California Governor Jerry Brown!
  Well, don't get me wrong, there are many folks, well educated folks in America who think that they can legislate immorality and second guess Almighty God.  It appears that the California state legislature and California's Governor, have decided that children that are born with certain gender positive genitalia may have been created, well... in error.  So under the guise of protecting the .1% of gender confused children from school bullies, the law makers have decided to bully 99.9% of all other school children.  In my opinion the California legislature has targeted young impressive girls between the ages of 6 though 19 for their obvious perversion of God's natural law. 
  I'm still trying to determine when little boys and little girls suddenly become confused as to what gender they are.  Is it when a parent, or both parents wanted a little girl child, and God blessed them with a little boy child instead.  Did the parents begin by dressing the little boy like a girl?  Did they purposely allow his hair to grow long?  Did they by him Barbie dolls instead of Tonka trucks to play with?  When the little guy was age six, did the parents keep asking him if he wanted to be a girl?  I don't think, in my heart of hearts that any 6 year old boy would care one way or the other about his sexual persuasion unless his mind was unduly influenced by his family authority figures.  These questions remain to be answered for another time, as this article is not about the children per say.  Instead it is about the perverted and immorality of the California state government.
  I have listened to a number of conservative talk shows, both on TV and on the radio.  As a result, I've come to the conclusion that many, if not all of them consider this new California state a joke.  If it is a joke, it certainly isn't even remotely funny.  Has anyone taken into consideration the feelings of the little girl who has been sexually abused by a family member, by an older brother, male cousin or uncle, or God forbid a father?  How about the poor little girl who has been sexually abused on the playground, or on the way home from school, or on the school bus?  
  When I was going to school, many, many years ago, the girls always had one place to run to, one place they could feel safe, and that was the girl's rest room, or girl's locker room.  The girls room was always forbidden to the boys, even in jest and teasing, once a little girl went through the girls locker room or rest room door, the chasing boy stopped, and retreated.  The ladies room was that safe place, completely and totally off limits to the male of the species.  That is how it was, and that is how it should remain.  But thanks to the degenerates in a number of states, that safe haven no longer exists for little girls or ladies anymore.  
  According to California's newest and most perverse law, a male, or female for that matter can be any gender he/she desires to be, and has the right to use any rest room, any locker room, any shower and any dressing room he/she so desires.  I am not sure if a child who professes to be confused as to his/her gender, can choose to be confused on a day-by-day basis, or is it something that can be declared on an hour-by-hour basis?  My understanding is that there will be no questions asked, should a boy decide that he will be using the girls rest room this time, or next time.  Somehow I don't believe there is a requirement for a student to declare his gender confusion at the beginning of the school year, or can he/she state confusion by semester or quarter?  Can a so-called transgendered young man/woman change gender preference at any given time?  If a male student between the ages of 12-18 decides that he feels like a girl today, because he is attracted to one the girls who just passed through the girls room door, would that be considered a viable reason to shower with the girls/girls of his choosing?  I am inclined to believe that there are no restrictions, because the law to the best of my knowledge was enacted on the following premise:  Gender determination is now to be defined the "self-perception" of the individual and the choice of this individual isn't required to remain permanent.  I can't be the only male who foresees problems with this perverted and asinine law.  One of the things that bothers me most, will the obvious consequences of this brain storm be viewed as unintended?  No one with an well functioning cerebrum would be able to debate this legislation and then vote for it's passage.  Which brings me to one conclusion, and that is, very few if any California legislators have a brain function beyond that of the capability of reason of  Neanderthal.  Ah, but worse yet, the bill was passed on to the so-called leader of the state who has all the common sense of a grapefruit and in turn signs the bill into law.
  So, let me ask Governor Brown, the California State Legislature, and the parents of school age children in California, what answers will you have for the consequences that will surely follow this inane law.  To Governor Brown:  What will your answer be to the little 12 or 13 year old girl who is raped in the girls room by a 15 year old boy who claims to be gender confused, at least until he committed the forced rape of an innocent who last year counted on the safety of the girls room?  But this year her safe place was taken away.  Who is doing the bullying now Jerry Brown???
To the California State Legislature:  What will your answer be to that same innocent little girl who was raped?  Will you tell her that her safety and that of 99.9% of all the other students especially girls, was deemed irrelevant, and that she was sacrificed for the so-called right of some sexual deviant to follow her into the girls room because he perceived himself a girl.  At least until he saw you and suddenly became a male sexual predator and rapist?
To the Parents of that same little girl:  Okay daddy, what will your answer be to your little girl, your baby when she comes home from school, crying and tells you she was brutally raped by a boy who felt like he was a girl?   What will you say to her when she tells you that there were teachers around, but no one helped her, because they were afraid to be politically incorrect, they were frightened of being accused of be moral?  Daddy and mommy, what will your answer be when your little girl asks you why did you let it happen to her?  Are you going to tell her that it's the law now?  Are you going to admit to her that you knew the was a greater than average chance that she would be in harms way if you sent her to school today, but you didn't love her enough to keep her out of harms way?  Well my dear California parents, that is exactly what you are doing if you send your little girl off to school in California today!  
  Let me say this, and this is my opinion and mine only.  A parent with a school age daughter in California that sends her off to school knowing full well the potential harm she may come too, has no right to be blessed with a child, girl or boy!  If there ever was a time for good Christian parents to take a stand in California, this is the time.  If I lived in California, my little child would not see the inside of a public school until this law is rescinded!   To the California State legislature, I think you are a bunch of self-centered, politically correct Cretins, who not only shouldn't holding any office where laws are made, but you really have no place among the intelligent human race.  To vote on and pass a law of the lowest of low magnitude, to throw the rights of straight students under the bus to appease a sexually deviant society, is despicable at the very best.  Your immediate resignations would be well accepted.  Simply put the entire California Legislature is worthless.  The same goes for your beloved numb skull of a governor, for signing an asinine law.
  What can we expect from state legislative bodies these days?  In the Florida school systems, they are teaching that Muhammad is God's messenger, and instructs students that jihad is a duty of all Muslims.  Well, so I guess that the Muslims who murdered 3,000 Americans at the World Trade Center, were merely doing their religious duty, and we should just understand that.  Any school teacher in America that teaches from these provide text books should be relieved of their class rooms and their students forever.  But that's for another post, isn't it?
God help Us
The Watchman    

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