Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Viral Anti-Obama Egyptian Video

  Okay, I ask you;  How is it that a very poorly educated multitude people in the Middle East can recognize Obama for who he is, but some 50% of well educated Americans can't see the forest for the trees?  
  If you haven't seen the Egyptian video as yet, I ask that you at least watch it.  I never in my lifetime ever thought I could agree with an Egyptian Muslim, but this video says it all.  When Egyptians can see through Obama's facade as the world's new messiah, and unifier of the populace, while so many Americans still look and listen to him like a bunch of awe-struck sheep, there is something seriously wrong in this country.
  There was a time (prior 2008 to be exact) when I would have taken serious exception to a video that made fun of the President of the United States, but not anymore.  I actually applaud the Egyptian people for their insight into the most destructive and divisive president America has ever known, to date that is!  I have no doubt that the Iranian people agree wholeheartedly with the Egyptian people, after all it was Obama in both cases that aided terrorists to remain in control or take control of both nations.  Obama's friends, the Muslim Brotherhood can always count on Obama, at least until he decides to throw them under the bus once they have served his purpose and that of his Progressive One World Order handlers.  Yes, his handlers, the elitists that speak to him in his office and on his iPhone.  People like Valerie Jarrett his personal White House assistant makes most of the decisions for Obama, his foreign policy decisions, in my opinion, are all hers.  He simply takes credit for the decisions that work out well and in his favor, and he denies the failures.  One must understand however, what appears to be an Obama failure, is actually a victory for Obama, and ultimately the control of the population plan(s) he has been groomed to implement.  As I've written a number of times in the past, if you look through Obama's eyes and those of his handlers, everyone is expendable.  Obama is one of those people who holds no loyalty to anyone, and he is the champion of everyone who aids in the facilitation of his agenda.  His loyalty lies with his cause, and only his cause.  Everyone and everything that is opposed to, or perceived to be opposed to the agenda is expendable.  You either ride with Obama and his agenda, or you will be run over by his agenda.  Creating chaos is this man's game, and he is good at it, very good!  He also sees himself as indestructible, and so far, he has been.  He refers to Benghazi, IRS, Obama-Care, NSA, FBI, and IRS as phony scandals dreamt up by conservatives, but he knows the truth, he knows he is as guilty as sin itself, but he has no fear of consequences, because he knows there will be none.  The people who groomed Obama and facilitated his election and re-election have a power far beyond that of Obama himself.  Many of those in politics who have opposed Obama have already felt the heavy hand of those who are truly in command.  One phone call from someone sitting around the table in the proverbial "Star Chamber", and people are quickly swayed to Obama's way of thinking.  People drop out of presidential races, even though they had significant leads, to leave room for a candidate with no chance of opposing Obama successfully.  Some people call this Chicago politics, and perhaps that is a good name for it, for lack of any descriptive that would be understandably better.  People can certainly relate to the terminology "Chicago Politics", there have been plenty of gangster movies to show just how convincing the Chicago mob can be.  In my opinion, and this is only my opinion, "the people behind Obama and his agenda make the Chicago mobsters look like pussy cats and alter boys in comparison."  
  So, where does the blame lie in regards to the shape of this nation, and as far as our role on the world stage?  Why can the NSA, FBI, IRS and numerous other government agencies usurp the Constitution without accountability?  Why can the Federal and Supreme Courts legislate from the bench?  Why are all levels of law enforcement agencies being militarized?  Why does your local town police department need anti-personnel tanks and armored vehicles?  Who gave permission to the servants of the people to dictate to the people?  Why is God being rejected, and Allah being exalted?  Why are our children being taught that two moms or two dads are just as normal as a mom and a dad, or even more so?  If you have asked yourselves any or all of these questions at any given time, then you are aware of the severe "skolios" (Greek for bent or crooked.) that our nation and our government is exhibiting.  Simply put corruption has infiltrated the heart of our Republic and has taken up residence like a cancer.  Our government is no longer there to serve and protect, but to dictate, intimidate and lord over the people.
  As I asked, who is to blame?  Is it even worth the effort to place blame?  In a way, blame has worth, because when the next election comes to pass, and if you see it as a free and fair election, then all these questions require answers, prior to pulling the handle, or punching the chad, or pushing the button.  When I consider the performance of so many of our currently elected servants, I find little evidence that  gives allusion to me that any coming election will be free and fair.  (Instead, I'm left with the illusion that the election was free and fair.)  But if it is, it is imperative that all the above questions be asked and answered by all government and would-be government officials.
  Why do I bring up coming elections?  Because I know where to place much of the blame for our nation's current corruption.  The blame stands directly upon the shoulders of the voters.  It is the voters who placed Obama in the White House, twice.  Not simply those who voted for Obama, but on the shoulders of those who did not vote at all.  Our Constitutional Republic was set up to give the people command over the government, and this was done through the "vote".  Those who did not find it important enough to vote, are just as much to blame as those who voted.  
  If there is a crook in your neighborhood, and you leave something out for him to steal, do not be surprised if that item is gone come morning!  By the same token, if you elect (either by vote or lack of vote) a would-be dictator to the highest office in the land, do not be surprised when he exercises the permission you gave him to dictate.  It should be apparent to all of us that our Constitutional rights and liberties, as well as our inalienable rights endowed by our Creator have been left in plain sight and unguarded, and are being stolen from us right before our eyes.  And yet, there are many who have been indoctrinated enough that they willingly cede their liberty and freedom for the promise of free stuff and false security.
God help us.
The Watchman       

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