Thursday, July 4, 2013


Not so Lucky Charms
Gay Bert and Ernie



Remember last week's blog post "Pandora's Box"?  It appears the proverbial box is now in the shape of a General Mills cereal box, the Lucky Charms cereal box to be exact. 
  I have no problem with the programming execs from PBS condoning homosexual activity on their set or even in their studios for that matter.  But when it comes to exposing this disturbing lifestyle to young children who watch Sesame Street on television as it was something normal, well that's where I take exception.  I am certainly glad that my son, thank the Lord and my grand daughters are all past the Sesame Street age.  It troubles me because I know for a fact that the program Sesame Street serves many young families as a baby-sitter of sorts.  Many American youngsters spend endless hours watching Sesame Street programs and videos.  Unsuspecting parents may be surprised when they see two of my once favorite characters i.e., Bert and Ernie are now being portrayed as cuddling and cooing gay male children.  As if that is what gay children do in the first place.  The most disturbing part of this whole scenario is these two are puppets, or is that Muppet's?  Okay, we'll go with Muppet's.  For a number of years, actually a whole lot of years, I exposed my son to Bert and Ernie, they both appeared to be normal (sexually normal) that is.  Then out of the blue a couple years back they suddenly became gay.  How in God's name does a puppet (sorry Muppet) become gay?  I mean puppets don't actually have gender, they don't actually know that they even exist, do they?  They are not human, they are only manipulated man made materials that portray humanoid like beings.  They are for all intensive purposes NOT REAL!  (But little children don't know that, do they?)  So again, how did they become gay?  I think there is more manipulation going on here, and it's not just the hands, feet and mouths of Muppet's.  It is the manipulator that is apparently Gay, and he/she/it has decided to convey that lifestyle as normal to a world full of inquiring innocent minds.  But why?  Why is it so necessary to portray Bert and Ernie as gay little boys?  An again, why has General Mills produced a disgusting commercial that alludes to the (their) opinion that being happy and strong is related to being gay?  Is it the intention of Sesame Street and General Mills to make children who question their sexuality or their gender more comfortable with their feelings?  Or is it because they want to make homosexuality appear normal, and appear that it is something every child should strive to be?  
  This homosexual agenda is extremely disturbing and borderline criminal.  Child porn is understandably forbidden, at least for now.  But in TV Land there seems a complacency when it comes to encouraging and brainwashing the very young with subliminal and at times blatant gay indoctrination.  Encouraging our small, young, innocent aged, undeveloped Sesame Street/Lucky Charms children to explore homosexuality, while mom is in the kitchen and dad is in the garage, is at best underhanded and at worst, a sinister criminal invasion of privacy in the home.  I question the motives of Public Television and General Mills, and numerous school districts and Education Boards in America cities, towns and states.  Are you really trying to make the .03% of the population comfortable in their homosexuality, or are you attempting to confuse little minds, causing them to question who and what they are, because they do not have homosexual tendencies?  There is a push to make homosexuality appear normal, when it is not normal.  In my opinion, it should be considered a criminal act for TV stations and programs, and makers of children's cereals, to steal and confuse the minds of even their youngest viewers and consumers.  The big question:  Just who is bullying who, and just who is stepping on whose rights?  
  There is also a push for gender neutrality in commercial products in children's books and in many schools across America.  Just exactly what is gender neutrality anyway?  Well it's a way to confuse your children and make them think that there is no difference or distinction between the gender sexes.  How remarkably inane is that?  Toy makers used to look for ways to make dolls gender specific and anatomically correct, today there is no anatomically correct as the new gender sex, is no gender at all.  So how does a parent explain to their young son that he is a male and that is why he has male parts, and the same to young daughters who have female parts?  It is the government's advice to parents to convince your kids that physical differences are not mental differences, and  regardless of our obvious physical appearance, we are all of one gender and it's all a matter of perception.  It doesn't get any more moronic than that, or does it?  Just this past week, the California State Legislature has determined that if a male feels like a female or vice versa, then they have the right to chose which public restroom they care to use, no questions asked.  This piece of idiotic legislation will certainly pervade the schools, from elementary to high school.  California is one very beautiful state, but you couldn't make me move there, or raise my children there.  The state is wonderful, the leaders in California state government are the sick twisted freaks, and their governance proves that.  In my opinion, any California citizen who votes to re-elect those who have made these recent decisions, are every bit as corrupted as the elected leaders themselves.  Hey California;  Got morality???
  Parents, be aware of what programs like Sesame Street are teaching your children behind your backs!  Make sure you watch those cereal commercials for language, content and intent.  I've never really been one of those boycott people, but if I had young children in my home, there would never be another General Mills cereal box on the breakfast table in my home.  By the same token, Sesame Street videos and TV would also be a thing of the past in my house.  
  The practice of the homosexual lifestyle is an abomination unto the Lord.  It is not a normal, or a healthy lifestyle.  It should not be condoned or encouraged in schools, on TV, or in any public arena where children are present.  Children should not be purposely confused at Sesame Street age about their gender.  Gender is not a choice, a boy is a boy, and a girl is a girl.  Both according to physiological science will grow to be mature men and women, not something in between.
  As of right now, the Middle East is on fire, and Barack Hussein Obama has an entirely new box of matches and a gas can standing at the ready.  But that's for another Blog Post.
  God help us to watch and to raise our children according to Gods commandments and Jesus' example.
The Watchman      

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