Saturday, June 29, 2013


What has this man unleashed on the American people?
  It appears that there truly is such a thing as a Pandora's Box.  Only it's not the sole property of Pandora anymore.  It belongs to the people of the United States.  And now, against all warnings from the Creator, our president has opened the box.
  Legend has it that within the box that was given to Pandora all evil things were trapped, and Zeus gave stern warning to Pandora to never open the box.  However, Zeus knew that she would open it, and the result would be the unleashing of evil upon human mortals as they have never seen before. 
  Our heavenly Father created all that has been created.  This is no Greek Myth.  God is real, and he loved His creation so much that he gave us among other things the gift of "free will".  Our Pandora's box, if you will.
  When I was a child, the elementary school I attended would periodically entertain us with marionette programs.  These programs weren't simply entertainment for entertainment's sake.  Each program was to teach us a specific moral that we could carry into the rest of our lives.  One such marionette program was "Pandora's Box", the other one that stands out is the story of King Midas and the "Midas Touch".  America's Pandora Box has just been opened by the Supreme Court ruling striking down DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act.  Marriage between one man and one woman wasn't a unique and radical law instituted by mortals.  Marriage between one man and one woman was specifically ordained by God, the Creator of the all that is, including man.  The Supreme Court has no power to redefine what God has ordained.  Regardless of their rulings, we the people of God's church may be required by man made law to tolerate same-sex marriage, but we can not be forced to condone it, nor teach it to our children as normal.  
  The Pandora's Box that the Supreme Court opened will, make no mistake about it, lead to evils and evil deeds upon this earth.  If it is understood by man made law, that marriage is no longer solely between one man and one woman, then what exactly is this new definition of marriage, or does the Supreme Court even offer a new definition?  Is it possible under the law to now marry one's brother, father, mother, sister, daughter, son, dog or horse?  If the line is not drawn at one man/one woman, where is it drawn.  Will polygamy be recognized as a normal lifestyle?  Will inbreeding over the next say 100 years begin producing mental deficient humans, as it did in earlier history of European Royal families?  
  The proponents of this same-sex marriage see this as a step of progression.  I see it as a giant leap into digression.  Same-sex proponents see the homosexual lifestyle as the new morality, where all deviant behavior is justifiable in the eyes of human society.  Moral relativism is what I call it, and it cannot sustain societal viability.  Morality is not relative, there is a right and a wrong, a good and an evil.  
  The recent ruling by the Supreme Court does nothing but defy God and God's natural way.  Shaking ones fist at God, and pretending that God and His word are now irrelevant will not make God go away.  C.S. Lewis once wrote (and I'm paraphrasing) "One can no more deny the existence of God, any more than a lunatic can deny sunlight by scrawling the word "darkness" on the wall of his cell."  
  Evil things have been loosed upon the good people this past week.  There is some glimmer of reprieve however.  At the bottom of Pandora's Box, Zeus placed "hope".  What that meant to Pandora or to Zeus, is any body's guess.  I know that our Creator has given us hope.  Our scriptures teach us that our hope is in Jesus and the salvation He was sacrificed for.  God is always on His throne, the rulings of the Supreme Court, Barrack Obama, the Congress, or the United Nations cannot unseat the Lord of all creation.  
  A short note about King Midas and his Midas Touch.  If you are unfamiliar with the story.  King Midas was granted the wish that he would have untold wealth.  So it was decreed that anything King Midas touched, would turn to gold.  His wealth grew and grew.  But as Midas grew richer, he grew lonelier too.  He was so lonely and he yearned to touch Marigold, his beautiful daughter he loved so much, that he forgot his touch would turn anything to gold.  He reached for his daughter and with one tiny touch from his hand she turned to solid gold.  She turned cold and hard.    Socialism reminds me of this Midas Touch story.  Everyone wants everything, and everyone wants it for free, but it isn't free, everything comes with a price.  The price for Midas was perpetual coldness.  Soon, just as Midas' blessing turned to a curse, so will Socialism turn to a curse upon those who yearn for it so.  Be very careful what you wish for, you just may get it.
God help us
The Watchman


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