Wednesday, February 6, 2013


"A call to arms, 1775"

"A call to arms, 2013"

These are most certainly the times that try men's souls.  These are also the times that will test men's metal.  The picture above depicts the national militia mentioned in the 2nd Amendment of our great Constitution.  Citizens must retain their right to keep and bear arms.  The poster is Patrick Henry's response to England's demands that the American Colonists be disarmed, for reasons of maintaining order.  Does that sound familiar?  It should, because this is almost the exact terminology being used in Washington, D.C. today.  President Obama and his Liberal/Progressive minions are determined to disarm the free American citizen, to perpetuate the cause of safety and to maintain order.  I, for one am in total agreement with Patrick Henry!  Ceding our God given right to defend ourselves is humiliating and debasing degradation.  
  Under the guise of public safety, our president, his cabinet, and those whom he has designated are without a doubt attempting to disarm the American people, it is imperative to understand that motive, and to know that "gun control" doesn't mean gun control, but "total control"!  The Progressive/Liberal administration knows full well that an unarmed citizenry is a helpless and submissive citizenry.  Once the American people relinquish their firearms, slavery will ensue, and slavery will replace the freedom we now cherish.  To arms! To arms!  was the fuse for the "shot heard around the world."  Make no mistake, we are being governed by an oppressive and tyrannical government.  We do not have a president, we now have a ruler.  A ruler that has been duly elected by the people, and he has been emboldened by that election result.  There will be few elected representatives that will take a stand against tyranny, because they see that it was their constituents that allowed this dictator to retain office.  Our elected legislators are now in a position that dictates a self-preservation mentality.  So, be aware that this battle will eventually have to be fought by the people, for the people, and the victory only obtained of the people.  Stamping out this tyranny can only be accomplished by a people united under one cause, one flag, and one principle.  That cause is freedom, the flag is liberty, and the principle is equal justice under the law, not social justice under slavery.  America was founded by men who valued freedom of religion, freedom of movement, freedom to make decisions for themselves, freedom to pursue happiness.  It wasn't founded by men who felt that indebtedness to government was the only way.  "The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants." (Thomas Jefferson)
That time may soon be at hand, so prepare to defend your liberty, your freedom your family and your home.
  This administration is using every means possible to divide this nation.  Black against White, Christian against Atheist and Agnostic.  Allowing the influx of illegal aliens from all walks of life and all countries of origin, not just Mexico and South America, but from enemy nations as well.  Division is a tool of Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and Progressives.  A divided nation can not stand, and will ultimately fall to the hands of the oppressor.  Under the guise of "tolerance", American Christians of all denominations are being forced to cave into pressure in numerous areas.  Abortion rights, Homosexual rights, Muslim rights and acceptance of the demands made by all of these.  But it is not only the Christians that are being oppressed, it is all freedom loving Americans that are under the gun, and are the targets under a Socialist/Progressive regime.  Every freedom loving American needs to awaken to the fact that this nation is being destroyed for all of us, all of our children and grand children.  The lives of those still yet unborn are in dire peril if we, the present day, year of our Lord 2013 patriots fail to stand up for what is right and good.  
  While the American citizen is being pressured to give up our weapons, our own Progressive government is arming the Muslim Brotherhood with 20 F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abrams Tanks, with armament capabilities second to none in the Middle East.  The Muslim Brotherhood has but one goal, and they do not make it a secret, and that is world domination and America, is in their cross hairs.  Yet our president and his demons continue to tell us that these are nothing but peaceful members of the Islamic Faith.  Do not be taken in by this propaganda.  Islam is the fastest growing so-called religion in America.  The Muslim faith, if allowed to continue at this growth rate will be the dominant religion in America by the year 2050.  Sound far off?  It's not, think about it.  If you are Christian parents with a grandson or grand-daughter just newborn, they will be living under the rule of Sharia by the time they reach the age of 37.  If that reality doesn't stir you just a little, then there is no hope for the future of Christian America, no hope for freedom, as there is no freedom under Islam.  I will more than likely be with my Lord in 37 years, but many of you who are still in your teens, 20's and 30's, you will see Islam dominate America.  Please do not be one of those who say in the year 2050, "how did this happen"?  In your heart you will know that it was you, who failed your progeny.
  Here are a couple of facts that is worth pondering:
1.  Unlike America's current political leaders, Muslims do not recognize the legitimacy of other faiths.  Their belief divides the world into two; the House of Islam (dar al-Islam), where Muslims rule and the law of Islam prevails, and the House of War (dar al Harb), comprising the rest of the world.  Between these two, there is a morally necessary, legally and religiously obligatory state of war, until the final triumph of Islam over unbelief. (Dr. Bernard Lewis)  For this reason, Muslims are unlikely to relinquish the cherished claims of their tradition before prevailing.
2.  No government organization or agency knows for sure how many Muslims are actually residing in America today.  Here are some factual numbers, you do the math.  There are at present, some 1,200(+-) mosques in the United States, there is an estimated 500 adults and children regularly participating in each Mosque.  At the Muslim's current growth rate, at 2.8 children per year, per family, there will be approximately 6 million-7 million Mosque registered Muslims in America by 2050, and this does not take into consideration the numbers of Muslims not Mosque affiliated.
  Most of the Muslim communities are poor, and are already living off American taxpayer government assistance.  Keep in mind, these Muslims do not wish to become American, and they will not assimilate to American society.  Most areas of America where Muslims have settled are nothing more than slum areas.  Muslims demand special treatment, Muslim communities get special treatment.  Appeasement of Muslim demands has become the norm in Federal, State and Local governments.  You know why that is, do you not?  Fear!!!  That's correct fear of Muslim reprisal allows Muslims to dictate procedure and protocol anywhere Muslims have become residents.  There is no end to Islam's quest for world domination.  And it will not end in America, unless Americans wake up from their "stupor of tolerance and political correctness", and stop caving to Muslim interests.  Perhaps you don't know that Muslims were instrumental in the writing, publishing and dissemination of school curriculum materials and text books in the states of Texas and California.  They are teaching our American students that the "Boston Tea Party" was a terrorist act.  They are teaching that Muslims discovered America before Vespucci and Columbus, they have teachers teaching that "Allah" is the one and only God Almighty.  Muslims have succeeded in being the only religion (if you can call it that) in the United States that does not have to adhere to the Liberal "separation of church and state theory".  Please check out the CScope Curriculum if you doubt my word.  Socialism too, is being methodically taught in schools around the country.  School children were recently asked to draw a Socialist Flag, also in Texas, I believe.  This is not something to be taken lightly.  Parents, and Grand parents, check the schools and find out what is being taught to your children and grand children.
God Help Us
The Watchman    

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