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  Date: 5/5/2012

Headline:  Chris Christie's Islam Problem

  Unfortunately Chris Christie's Islam problem began when he embraced Islam, and shrugged off the threat of Sharia Law in America.  He welcomed Imam Mohammed Qatanani, the leader of the Islamic Center of Passiac County, he embraced him and the result is apparent.  His lack of knowledge regarding Islam, Islam's goals, Islam's plans, and Islam's persistence may cause Christie's loss of office.  It may even cost Governor Christie his entire state.  I like Chris Christie, I think he's a man's man.  He stands up for what he believes in, and doesn't take much guff from his opponents and or the press.  He does have one downfall however, he bought into the big lie, "Islam is a religion of peace."  The truth is, Islam is not a religion at all, and it hasn't been peaceful with any other religion, or government in over 1,400 years.  I think Gov. Christie's people who are assigned to vet those, who want to come close to the Governor were lax in their duties.  Once you embrace Islam, even if you were misled, it's very difficult to rebuke or rebut them, because they won't allow you to do that.  Chris Christie went so far as to appoint Sohail Mohammed to the New Jersey state superior court.  (Now there's a great place to get Sharia Law implemented), but Gov. Christie thinks all the ruckus about Sharia is, "a bunch of crap", his words, not mine.
Not only did Chris Christie let the camel's head into the tent, but the entire hump and rump is in there too. 
  Chris Christie is not the only Governor who has, or will have an Islam problem.  There are, at last count (year 2000), over 28 states that now serve (and I mean serve) significant Muslim populations in America.  Twenty eight states equals 28 problems.  It is imperative that the governors of these respective states visit the Islamic communities within their cities and towns.  This practice of inviting the community mosque Imam to the governor's mansion for Ramadan dinner and a bow down, will not give the state house an accurate depiction of the conditions in the Islamic community, surrounding the mosque.  It really will take an actual in person unannounced visit to the community.  Most state governors stay out of sight of the real people, unless of course it's coming election time.  So, a visit to a Muslim neighborhood will be enlightening to most governors, to say the least.  As the governor of a state, with a known significant Muslim population, it might also be a good idea to have someone double check the requests for welfare, medicaid and any other entitlement their state may offer.  The names, will look familiar, there will Mohammad's, Mohammed's, Sheiks, Fatimas, and all those usual Islamic names.  The wise governor may even find Muslim males with 6 or 7 or even 10 dependents.  Most of them won't be minor children however, they will more than likely be adult and under-age little girl wives.  Because plural marriages are not legal in America, the male Muslim will choose one female to be listed as wife, and the others, as other dependents.  If the neighborhood of Muslims has been around awhile, it will bear a strong resemblance to inner city Muslim ghettos of New York City, Chicago, Dearborn and Detroit.  Trust me governor, they won't be a place where you would take your children on an evening stroll.  If the state treasurer comes to your office governor, and informs you, there has been a sudden drain on entitlement coffers this past two years, I strongly advise an immediate investigation.  It is true that most states have people/officers, who are supposed to screen applicants for entitlements, but believe me, no body in your entitlement office will say "no" to a Muslim applying for benefits. Benefits that they do not deserve and that they certainly aren't entitled too.  Muslims have a way of intimidating American citizens.  At the slightest hint of refusal of benefits, the words racist, Islamaphobe, and bigot will be present in the conversation.  People are generally frightened to death of Muslims in this country.
  This entire thing began with 9/11, and by 9/12 the American citizen was terrorised beyond Islam's wildest expectations.  It didn't take Islam very long, to gain a foothold in America after that tragic sequence of events.  Muslims cannot and will not be honest with Infidels, that's what you are governor, unless you have recently bowed to Allah?  Islam is bold, it is relentless and it is violent, and the citizens of your respective states, are scared to death to confront them.  After all, we have a president who is pro-Muslim, and makes no bones about pushing the Muslim agenda in America.  When it comes to pushing God aside to make room for Allah, president Obama is the champion.  If the office of the governor will not take a stand against the invasion of Islam, then the people of your state will not have a chance.
  To each and every state governor:  The time has come for you to either stand with the American citizens who put in office, or the Muslim invader and terrorist.  Islam will not allow you to ride the fence governor.  Islam and Sharia are the complete antitheses of the U.S. constitution, and the constitution of your state.  Islam will not bend to you, they have no intention of assimilating, and they will be demanding.  Governor, are you steadfast and honest enough to take a stand for your citizens?  Or will you cave to Islam, and fold up when Sharia wants to be your state law?  If you haven't had to make that decision yet, you will, believe me you will.  
God Help Us
The Watchman 

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