Friday, May 11, 2012

Egypt Muslim Cleric Vows global caliphate in Jerusalem -- the capital of the United States of Muslims - Atlas Shrugs
 Listening to a speech given by Safwat Higazi (The Muslim Brotherhood candidate for president of Egypt) to thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters at a soccer stadium in Cairo said this:  "We can see how the dream of the Islamic caliphate is being realized, God willing.  As the supporters all nodded their heads in agreement.  He said:  "The capital of the caliphate-the capital of the United States of the Arabs-will be Jerusalem, God willing."  To me, this is a pretty sure indication that Israel is in real trouble.  These radical Islamic statements are also that of Muslim cleric Dr. Mohamed Mursi when he reiterated the same sentiment in a clip to Muslim Brotherhood supporters.  It leaves no doubt as to the intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood as they gain more control over Egypt.
  It is imperative that the American people know that the Palestinian Arabs and the Muslim Brotherhood celebrate what they call "Nakba Day".  It is the day set aside by Muslim Arabs to mourn Israel's creation in 1948.
  A rally when millions of Muslims, so-called martyrs march toward Israel and of course Jerusalem.  They carry signs with Nakba Day slogans.  Leading the crowd and above the the drums, you can hear a speaker say: "Tomorrow, Mursi will liberate Gaza" and the crowd cheers "Allah Akbar"(God is great).  The leader screams, "Banish the sleep from the eyes of all Jews, come on, you lovers of martyrdom, you are all Hamas...Forget about the whole world, forget about conferences.  Brandish your weapons, say your prayers and pray to Allah."  Dr. Mursi returns to the stage, and vowed to pray in Jerusalem.  He said: "Yes, Jerusalem is our goal.  We shall pray in Jerusalem, or die as martyrs on it's threshold."
  To many of us, this is not surprising speech from the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood's goal is and always has been the destruction of Israel and all Jews, no matter where they are, and the spread and control of radical Islam over the entire world.  This includes the United States.  The failure of the people in the Western hemisphere to see the threat of Islam, and pretend it doesn't exist, escapes me.  
  The downplaying of the threats by radical Islam by this administration are puzzling, until you understand that Barack Obama doesn't see Islam as the threat, instead he sees America as the threat to Islam.  I don't believe that Obama is in all actuality a Muslim, but I know he was raised with Muslim influence and ideologies.  He has always seen America as the oppressor and the Imperialist aggressor.  He also said in one of his books;  "If things don't go well for me politically, I will stand with the Muslims."  I find that attitude peculiar and worrisome to say the least, coming from the President of the United States.  Worrisome as it is, it does explain why Islam is the most protected so-called religion in America.  There are entities in our own government that are actually writing and attempting to pass legislation to make insulting Islam illegal, and a punishable offense.  This legislation is being encouraged by none other than America's Secretary of State, the one the only Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Frightening?  Oh yes, it is, and America, you should be afraid, very afraid!!!  Continued American appeasement of Islam will lead to the demise of our democratic republic.  You can take that to the bank.
  America is being nudged into a conformity mode.  It's there alright, but difficult to see, unless you're looking for it.  We're being pushed to teach our children that Islam is a peaceful religion, that it adheres to the same doctrines and principles as our own Constitution, which by the way, couldn't be further from the truth.  We are being forced to be politically correct, to not offend, to not stand against what is perceived to be evil.  Christianity is be expunged from the public eye, while Islam is being made more and more public.  We are being forced to be tolerant of Islam while Islam is not tolerant of anyone.  
  There is a propensity for our government officials to extend special rights and privileges to those of the Islamic faith.  Sharia law is slowly, but surely being integrated into America's judicial system.  The UK is lost to Islam, I do not think they will ever be restored, to the once free nation they were.  The UK has already made to many concessions to Islam.  The same goes for the Netherlands.  If it wasn't for men like Geert Wilders, I wouldn't give Holland a chance at recovery.
  Islam kills and destroys everyone and everything that does not conform to it's ways.  America must resist the urge to tolerate that which is evil, and Islam is evil, Sharia is evil, the Qur'an is an evil book written by an evil pedophile named Mohammad.
   "Conformity is the jailer of freedom."  (JFK).  It would be advisable to remember that statement the next time you are faced with the decision of building a mosque in your neighborhood.  Where there is a mosque, there are barracks and training camps for the enemies of freedom and liberty.  We should not conform and we can not afford the tolerance that is expected of us, when faced with the enemy within our own borders.
  Be vigilant, be aware, get educated, know your enemy, know how to recognize your enemy.  Do not allow the Obama administration to tell you that your enemy is not at your doorstep, because he is, and he was invited, and he is Islam!
God Help Us
The Watchman 

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