Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Obama cries as his campaign winds down.
Obama wiping away a tear during his statement
regarding the Sandy Hook School Massacre
of 20 little children.


  I know I'm putting myself out on a limb here, but I can visibly see an Obama tear in the picture above left.  But I honestly don't know what he is doing with his finger in the photo above right.  He certainly isn't wiping away a tear, because there is no tear.  I watched his speech regarding the New Town, Sandy Hook murders over and over again.  And, although the news commentator kept saying that Obama was visibly choked-up with emotion, I personally didn't see it, and believe me I looked.  I even watched him make the same gesture on the other side of his face, and there wasn't a tear there either, nothing!  There is no doubt that Obama can and will get emotional, the photo at the above left proves that.  The photo above left was taken at what was reported as his final plea for votes at the end of his most recent campaign.  The photo above right was taken as he was making a statement about the murderous event that occurred in New Town Connecticut at the Sand Hook elementary school.  No one needs reminding, but 20 innocent 1st graders were brutally murdered by a madman, along with 6 adults at the school.
I believe that Barack Hussein Obama only experiences true emotion when the event involves him or his life.  This man is the most narcissistic and arrogant president this nation has ever had, and I honestly do not see emotion on his face unless, the scenario is about himself.
  Barack Obama is capable of lying with the best of them, as a matter fact, of I'm not sure he didn't write the how-to book on lying. (Which could be the only book he actually wrote.)  However, emotions are very difficult to feign, and apparently, in my opinion, Obama needs more rehearsal on his emotional roles.
  There is no doubt that this administration will use this tragedy to go after the guns of law-abiding citizens.  His credo if you'll remember is "Never let a good crisis go to waste".  The presidential pressure will be on congress to pass more stringent gun control laws, after all, disarming the American citizen is essential when it comes to implementing the One World Order, or any other tyrannical form of governance.  After all, next to Switzerland, America is the only nation left where the populace has a legal constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  The U.N. and the Liberal Left have been trying to change the Second Amendment for years, and you can bet there is another big push coming down the pike.  Consequently, there will be a battle afoot.
  Let me close by extending my most heartfelt condolences and prayers to the families of the fallen in New Town, Ct., and to all those folks in the that once peaceful town.  I ask that you take heart in knowing that the children and the teachers who tried to protect them, are in heaven with the Lord today.  Their memories will live in America's hearts and minds for years to come.  They will not be forgotten.  
God Bless You All
The Watchman    

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