Thursday, December 20, 2012


Morals are instilled, not legislated!!!

  Obama wants to reinstate the "Assault Weapons" ban.  Diane Fienstein wants to reinstate the "Assault Weapons" ban.  Every far left Liberal wants to disarm the American citizen and leave them helpless at the hands of criminals, all in the name of so-called morality.  The reinstatement of the "Assault Weapons" ban, is an assault weapon in itself.
  Will it never be realized that the legislation of morality leads to more and more immorality?  For instance;  had those first graders at Sandy Hook elementary school been bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat, would the crime be any less horrifying than being shot to death?  What if the murderer had decided to use a machete to chop heads, or to slit their throats with a kitchen knife, would the act have been any less heinous?  The cold hard truth is, no.  No matter what mode of assault this maniac in Newtown, Connecticut decided to use in carrying out his violent acts, it would still be unconscionable.
  So here is the real question;  would reinstating the "Assault Weapons Ban" have stopped the mayhem at Sandy Hook?  I don't think so, not at all.  It is my considered opinion that America has become the victim of too much legislation, as opposed to to little legislation.  I have always been a proponent of "you cannot legislate morality", and I still am.  However, we as Americans can de-legislate the immorality that has resulted from all those well intentioned laws we've passed.  I think it is high time we really do separate church and state, although my way would be to separate the "state" away and out of the "church".  As that was the intention of our founding fathers when the 1st Amendment was written into the Constitution.  The 2nd Amendment was written in so that "We the People" had a way to protect the 1st Amendment from being usurped by Progressives.  Our founding fathers had a deep understanding of just how fragile our democratic republic would be, when governed by the wrong people.  
  Let's face the pure facts here, man is not born with moral principles, they are taught.  If America isn't teaching their children right from wrong, or the difference between good and evil from a young age, how can we expect our youngsters to know the difference when they grow up?  If Americans do not teach their children about personal responsibility and that there are consequences to irresponsibility, then how can we expect those children to grow up and be responsible?  The answer is, we can't, and worse yet, in America we haven't instilled moral principles in our youth, nor have we taught them personal responsibility.  We even have a president who can and will and does lie to the American people, and he faces no reprimand, no calling out, and no punishment for his irresponsible behavior.  Basically, our nation's children do not know right from wrong, or good from evil.
  Good morals, responsibility, principles, and even competition have been legislated out of America's schools, and America's families by the Federal Government.  Our children no longer know that there is such a thing as winning and losing, they are being taught that they are all winners, and that is a lie of epic proportions.  Because in the real world, unlike in the Liberal/Progressive ideological world, there is competition, there will always be winners and losers.  Our children are being taught that their self-esteem is the only thing that matters, and that too is a lie.  Children need to be taught that trying hard, working hard, and having integrity will bring them the self-esteem.  Self-esteem and respect must be earned, in the real world, it is not given free of charge.  
  If necessary, the government will pass laws banning assault weapons, then eventually they will come after the rest of the weapons, and they will legislate the American people into a state of helpless mediocrity.  The criminals will have the guns, the police will have the guns, but the citizen will have no way to protect his family or himself.  The government will continue to remove God from every aspect of American society, and the moral decay will continue unimpeded until the nation finds itself in such disarray that perhaps then they will awaken.  It may be too late then, Communism will have taken control.  Everyone will be dependent on the government for subsistence, but will soon find that the government lied, and it cannot continue to provide for the people.  Perhaps then the  people will wake up.  There will be chaos, bloodshed and death in the streets if this government intrusion into the lives of the people is allowed to continue.
  Many people do not believe in God, they trash Christians and our Lord Jesus Christ.  But even the staunchest atheist would have a hard time making a case against the teachings of Christ.  Love your brother as yourself.  Honor your father and your mother.  Do not steal.  Do not lie.  Do not kill.  The principles that Christ taught are good and honest.  Unless you are dishonest, a thief, a murderer, and you hate for no reason.  Then you must admit you are at least somewhat moral, because it was instilled in you.  And good Christians somewhere in your past were responsible for teaching you and passing on your moral attributes.  Please don't lose your morality or allow the government to legislate it away from you.
God Help Us
The Watchman

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