Thursday, November 15, 2012



  Let's start right at the Benghazi nitty gritty.  President Obama in his unending quest to turn over all control of the Middle East nations to his Oval Office buddies, "The Muslim Brotherhood", took an unexpected bad turn a few weeks ago, on September 11, 2012 to be exact.  Obama was in the process of surprising America and the world with his October Surprise, when his friend Vladimir Putin put the kibosh on the entire event.  You see, Obama had Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi for a reason, and that reason was to facilitate the transfer an arsenal of weapons from Libya to the Syrian rebels.  The only problem, the Russians somehow got wind of the plan and stopped Obama in his tracks.  Obama forgot one important factor, that being:  The Russians are backing Syrian dictator Assad in his bid to retain power in his country.  Putin had no intention of allowing Obama to put one over on him.  So in the political world of "one upsmanship" Putin was able to foil Obama's plan.  
  Obama, of course was into this Benghazi arms transfer up to his neck, and he, once again had no intention of getting congressional approval of his plan.  So when things went completely awry, Obama had no choice but to push the panic button and move full force into damage control mode.  Because everyone, and I mean everyone in their heart of hearts knows that Muslims are tribal violent loons that can be set off by anything even remotely perceived to offend Islam, Obama and his conspirators, (cohorts in crime, if you will.)  Came up with the spontaneous riot stemming from an anti-Muhammad YouTube video, that they would attempt to convince the world was the cause of death to 4 Americans in Benghazi, including the death of American Ambassador Stevens.  I believe the other three Seals/CIA operatives were seen in Obama's eyes as collateral damage.  Obama had no intention of allowing anyone to escape the Benghazi consulate compound, especially now that the entire operation was compromised.  Stevens, absolutely knew too much, and the other three had orders to stand down, and not to get involved in what was apparently going down at the consulate itself.  Because of their loyalty, these brave men did not stand down, but went to the consulate compound 1 mile away to try and save Ambassador Stevens.  They repeatedly requested help, reinforcements, an escape vehicle, anything to help them, but to no avail.  In my opinion, the White House (Obama) ordered no aid, and no rescue.  Obama couldn't take a chance that Ambassador Stevens would live to tell the story, and the fact that Stevens could have related the Obama arms plan to any or all of the CIA/Seals, all four were left to their own limited resources and ultimately to their death at the hands of barbaric Muslims, in Benghazi.
  You may have already noticed that the main stream media has diverted most if not all their reporting efforts toward the sex scandal of General Patraeus, and General Allen in Afghanistan.  You see, SEX sells, and SEX scandals will always trump true news.  It didn't take but a few stories of possible sordid affairs to distraction the attention of the public.  Little or no mention of Benghazi is being made in stories from the main stream media networks.  But, General Patraeus' alleged lover is certainly a number one headliner, isn't she.  
  Question, other than on FOX News, are the names, Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens, or Obama being mentioned in media broadcasts?  
  It should come as no surprise that Obama will eventually get away with this scheme, because the main stream media is complicit in the perpetration and cover-up of a crime of huge proportions and with many unknown consequences.  
  How corrupt is this White House?  More than most people will ever realize, way more!!!
God help us.
The Watchman  

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