Thursday, November 22, 2012


What do you say to an empty suit (Obama) who has just been insulted?  Nothing, he is used to playing the fool on the world stage!  Hey Barack, can you say:  "sampeah" ???  

  President Barack Hussein Obama fancies himself a world traveler, a connoisseur of foreign cultures.  In essence, he is smart and diabolical to perfection, but his knowledge of Asian tradition and his diplomatic prowess is abysmal at best.  If Obama isn't bowing to a Muslim King or apologising for the United States, he is way out of his league.  Above is a picture of Obama being greeted (sampeah: at a tilt usually reserved for servants) as a servant, not as the king he thinks himself to be.  It's refreshing to see that even the leaders of small countries like Cambodia can engage in a little chicanery of their own, especially when it's at the expense of the most arrogant leader ever to have occupied the American White House. 
  Only God knows why some 51% of the American people had confidence in Obama to elect him to another four year term, but there must have been something about him that made people think he would be able to carry off a foreign policy role.  Then again maybe not.  I imagine as long as the un-entitled continue to receive entitlements, and the welfare and food stamps keep coming, Barack Obama can look forward to as many dictatorial terms as he can get, at least until everyone else's money runs out.  Until that time comes, it would be nice to see Obama surround himself with something other than street thugs, goons, self professed Communists and Socialist Progressives. Perhaps it is time to add men and women to his cabinet that may actually keep him from looking like the court jester on every foreign stage.
  Lets face it, Obama's frequent White House visitors aren't what one would call upper class.  I mean, how much etiquette can the Obama's learn from Richard Trumpka, president of the AFL/CIO?  Trumpka can barely hold a conversation unless all or most of the words are four letter ones.  I don't want insult the guy, but in a room full of diplomats and scholars, Trumpka is linguistic failure.  But he does know how to gin up a crowd of union members who can't speak English, I've got to give him that.  Hey, how about Obama's buds from the Muslim Brotherhood, now there's a contingent of people who know how reach out and touch someone.  The only problem is, they reach out with the sword in stead of the olive branch.  We certainly can't leave out one of Obama's true mentors, Jeremiah Wright for one.  Wright had twenty years of speaking before Obama, and according to Obama, he never heard anything Wright had to say.  I've got a tough time believing that one.  
  When the so-called leader of the free world alludes to the leaders of Burma that "he too would prefer to govern unopposed", one has to take note of what Obama really thinks of governing a Democratic Republic such as ours.  Can you see shades of dictator in America's future?  
  There was only two reasons for Obama's untimely Asian tour.  Number one:  Asia is they only area of the globe he has not previously apologised to.  Number two:  He needed to be out of the country during the Benghazi investigation.  So, today he is most likely on another holiday vacation.  The congress is also out of D.C., and the longer this Benghazi investigation is out of the limelight, the easier for him to cover up his involvement in a scandal and a tragedy that cost the lives of four Americans.  Today however, is Thanksgiving Day and Americans are busy with family, eating celebrating, preparing for Black Friday shopping sprees.  Who is to remember the families of 4 Americans who will not be having a joy filled Thanksgiving?  Obama and his family of thugs will not remember them, you can bet on that.  Just like he couldn't remember how many states there are in America, just like he wasn't able to say corpsman without pronouncing it "corpse man" and just as he repeatedly mispronounced the name of fellow Noble Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyl in Burma, and he wasn't able to secure a translator to keep him from butchering the Burmese language and protocols.  In his mind it's all gone, he's done, and he's moving forward as he puts it.  
  None of these things will matter though.  He has been re-elected, and that's it.
God Help Us All
The Watchman   

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