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Remember this photo of just a tiny sampling of Gaddafi's weapons arsenal,  including a number of chemical weapons, where are they now?  ........  I wonder?
  Here is another slant on this upcoming election, on Benghazi, on Syria, and on the biggest cover-up of the Obama administration, perhaps even in the history of the United States.
  The political winds have been at Mitt Romney's back this past several weeks and rightly so, because this administration's performance economically and foreign policy wise, has been, to say the least abysmal.  Of course if you put yourself in Obama's place and assume his agenda, then he is doing quite well, and all is going as planned.  Of course Obama is going to need more time to complete is plan of "fundamentally changing the United States", therefore, four more years in the White House becomes imperative for his success.  As diabolical as Obama is, he most assuredly has, or had a back up plan for his retaining power.  I think perhaps at least one of his back-up plans has been stumbled upon, and foiled.  Not by Americans, but maybe the Russians with the aid of Iran and Assad the president of Syria.
  Take a step back to Obama's orchestrated overthrow of Libya's Gaddafi.  America wasn't supposed to get involved, but under the direction of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, we did get involved, and Gaddafi's demise soon ensued.  But why did Obama get involved?  Because of the back up plan he was going to use for his "October Surprise", that would surely clinch him the election.  I think Benghazi was Obama's "October Surprise" run amok.  
  I believe Obama was running Gaddafi's weapons from Libya to the so-called freedom fighters in Syria.  Of course, we all know that freedom fighters in the Middle East are nothing but Muslim Brotherhood radicals seeking complete power, one country at a time, i.e., Egypt and Libya, next in line is Syria and the demise of Assad.  America (Obama) doesn't want to get openly involved in the Syrian revolution, as that would mean raising the ire of Russia's Putin who is backing Syrian president Assad.  But, if Obama could run weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood "freedom fighters" in Syria, through middlemen, the battle against Russia would only be a battle by proxy.  
  Now, to Benghazi and Ambassador Stevens.  Through the American State Department (Hilary Clinton), my research tells me, Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi for the soul purpose of facilitating the transfer of Gaddafi's weapons into the hands of middlemen to be eventually distributed to the "freedom fighters" in Syria.  The Plot Thickens:  The CIA had a rather large facility in Benghazi, the State Department per say, did not.  There was no large contingent of security with Ambassador Stevens because covert operations rarely want to attract attention.  I believe that is also why Ambassador Stevens and the 3 other CIA (Navy Seals) were sacrificed, instead of rescued.  I'm sure there was a contingent of either U.S. military or CIA near by that was more than capable of performing a rescue, but that would certainly have drawn much undue attention to the operation itself.  Basically, the ambassador and the the rest were sacrificed for the secrecy and the good of Obama's administration.  You see, the covert transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria was somehow compromised, that's right, someone dropped a dime on the Obama plan.  A rescue attempt may have resulted in another Blackhawk down scenario, and that would have blown the lid off the entire operation, and names, lots of names would have been revealed, that is why the rescue attempt was never made.
  Had this gone off without a hitch, a couple of days prior to election day the Syrian "freedom fighters" would have been able to apply the thousands of new weapons to complete the overthrow of the Assad regime, and the slaughter of all those Syrian civilians would be over.  Obama would then reveal to all the world that "HE" was the one person instrumental in the demise of President Assad and the liberation of the all those Syrians.  Obama could tout himself as single handedly ending the carnage in Syria.  Being seen as a hero to the world, how could America not vote him in for another four years?  That was Obama's "October Surprise", but it has backfired, and that is why this administration is frantically in the "Damage Control" mode.  The truth of Benghazi will not come from this White House or this administration until after the election, way after!  Right now the deception is somewhat successful, but certainly not totally.  Obama will need a new "surprise" soon, as the evidence of this huge cover-up is building with each passing day.  If the truth comes out, Obama can't possibly win in a free and fair election.  
  So what's next for Obama?  Will there be a "November Surprise"?  In my opinion, you can count on it!!!  Remember, after the election, and even if Obama looses, he is still a lame-duck president and he'll still have all the power, all of it!  I see a made up financial collapse of the dollar, or perhaps a staged attempted assassination of Obama and his family.  Whatever the crisis is, it will be big enough for Obama to seize control of all resources and communications of the United States, and institute a Marshal Law situation, therefore rendering the election null and perhaps void.  I don't know for sure, but I urge everyone to be ready for it.  It is inevitable and well within the power of our treasonous president.  (Research credit to: The Northeast Intelligence Network)
God Help Us
The Watchman  

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