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  There were several news items that crossed my laptop screen this morning, but this one stood up and slapped me right in the kisser. 
  The headline read:  Government Let 25 Illegal Aliens Attend Flight School Owned By Illegal Alien!  At first, I read the article on FSM website, then I followed up with a similar one on USA Today, CNN, CNS and Global News.  They all reported the exact same information.  Yes, for sure it was exactly 25 Illegals, and yes the flight school was also owned and operated by an Illegal Alien, and yes the school was located near Boston, MA.  The whole scenario is a bit unnerving, especially if you were around on that fateful 9/11/2001, and you watched the entire attack play out over and over again.  I personally, was in shock, I was sad and I cried, my wife and spent the whole day trying to console one another, and trying to make sense of it all.  I was employed by a major U.S. Airline, I was off on 9/11, but I returned to work a Nashville International Airport on 9/12.  I have rarely felt the kind of eeriness I felt when I entered the terminal, the silence was deafening.  On the ramp where I worked, there wasn't a sound, no jet engines winding up, not even a general aviation private plane was humming.  Like I said, it was extremely eerie.  The point I'm trying to make is the memories of 9/11/2001 are permanently etched into my brain, and will be there forever.  I am sure most of you share those same memories.  When 9/12/2001 arrived, the lives of every American would be changed forever, and they were. 
  Here is the question; if I can remember that day so vividly, why isn't that day in the minds of the Department of Homeland Security (which by the way was created because of the events of 9/11)?  Why isn't the sub department known as the TSA (Transportation Security Administration that was also created due to the events of 9/11) doing the job they were created to do?  The combined agencies DHS & TSA are supposed to vet foreign nationals when application is made to attend, train, and apply for flying certificates and private pilot licences.  After all, as taxpayers and citizens, we pay dearly with our blood, treasure and liberties for these two agencies to do all possible to keep us safe.  So, how is it the 25 Illegal Aliens were allowed to take flying lessons at a flight school owned and operated by another Illegal Alien?  Who awarded the owner Illegal Alien a license to operate a business in the first place?  A flight school at that!  Aren't local agencies aware that the suicide murdering Muslims on 9/11 took flying lessons in a number of American states?  Has it been that long, that those who are handing out business licenses in the Boston area, (just a hop, skip and jump) from NYC, didn't even question the flight school owner when he applied?  Can the American people be so apathetic, that an Illegal Alien can obtain permission to operate a flight school, and worse yet give flying lessons to some 25 more Illegal Aliens.  I find this unfathomable, really I do!
  As if the school scenario isn't enough to scare you, how about this?  Not one single article mentioned the nationality of the flight school owner, or the national origin of the 25 flight school students.  Oh, believe me I hunted the Internet to see if I could glean nationalities of any of the people involved, NO JOY!!!  I also wonder how the number of "25" un-vetted students came up?  Was it a calculated guess?  How long has this flight school been in operation?  Could a more realistic number be 250 or 2,500 Illegal Alien students?  Were the students from Mexico, Canada, South America, or could they possibly be from the Middle-East?  Was the owner of the flight school from the Middle-East?  If he was a Muslim, where did he get the financing to start a school.  Flying schools can't be cheap to open up!  The the training airplanes alone could run the overhead well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 
  When I consider that main stream media are almost always less than truthful and forthcoming with accurate and unbiased information for the American people, I will attempt to use my own powers of deductive reasoning.  "The reason that no names have been mentioned in any of the press releases is in my opinion, because the owner operator and all his students are Middle-Eastern (Muslims, that is!).  Had the owner been from Mexico, his name would surely have been mentioned.  Had the unvetted Illegal Alien students been for Mexico, Canada, South America, surely the press would have released the names of all involved, along with their nations of origin.  No, I believe in my heart of hearts, that no names have been mentioned, because the authorities fear Islam, and because of that fact alone, I don't even think charges will be filed.  If for some fluke of the system, charges are filed, Mr. Eric Holder and President Obama, will not pursue or in-dict.  If left alone, the entire thing will be quickly and quietly swept under the rug in the Oval Office (which by the way, that rug should be really lumpy by now.)! 
  If my deductions are in fact correct about the national origin of the flight school owner, and all (not just the 25 mentioned)Napolitano (who is paid some real serious dough) to see to that things like this do not happen, would be thrown into the slammer in the deepest bowels of the earth, never again to see the light of day.  In my mind, there is no excuse for this degree of incompetence in either DHS or TSA, regardless of the national origin of the owner or students.  It isn't like there hasn't already been ample time to set up a reasonable and responsible vetting system for Illegal Aliens attempting to get flying lessons.  I think that Janet Napolitano (Dir. of DHS) and her counterpart at the TSA, have been spending way to much time frisking wheelchair bound grandmothers, feeling up little children and attractive ladies of all ages, squeezing coloscopy bags of senior men and women, steeling valuables from traveler's luggage and eating the candy stolen from a deaf passenger's carry-on right in front of him, while calling him derogatory names.  Oh but wait, there's more.  One of Janet Napolitano's target terrorist groups is of course the TEA Party people.  Never mind the New Black Panthers, they're cool friends of Obama and Eric Holder.  In my opinion, and I will more than likely be put on the DHS/TSA no-fly list, but the entire organization is a complete joke!  Everything from Janet Napolitano's "there's a skunk on my head hairdo, to the burkha wearing Muslim TSA agent screening American citizens."
God Help Us
The Watchman


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