Wednesday, July 18, 2012


If you live in Tennessee, and you think your legislature voted to ban Sharia, well then why didn't they tell Governor Bill Haslam?
  Islam has a name for Christians and Jews who refuse to convert to their way of thinking, that word is "Dhimmi".  A dhimmi, in essence is a slave of Islam, and is required to pay jizya, a fine for not being Muslim.
  It seems, according to the Governor's economic plan for Tennessee, it requires Tennessee to become familiar with "Sharia Finance", in other words, it means that the government offices and officers, Tennessee banks, and other lending institutions will soon be required to become "Sharia compliant".  In actuality, when His Honor the Governor hired and appointed Samar Ali to be Tennessee's International Business Director, he immediately became "Sharia Compliant" without even knowing it.  One of the questions that has been sticking in my craw is:  Why, in the past 5 or 6 years has it become so very important for our federal, state and local governments to become "Sharia Compliant"?  If this is still America, then why isn't it necessary for Muslim businesses to become "American Compliant"?  It is apparent to me that Tennessee's governor has not spoken with Dr. Bill Warner, an expert on Islam and it's workings.  Dr. Bill Warner is easily accessible as he is a resident of Tennessee.  By accepting "Sharia Finance" as part of the business plan for Tennessee, Governor Haslam has no idea of the size of the cow-pie he just stepped in, and for that matter, shoved his state and his state businesses in also, face down!  I'm sure that the Governor sees this as a positive step toward opening business relations with Islamic countries, but in essence, Muslims see this as a submission to Allah.  Agreeing to anything from real estate deals to business loans, if you are required to transact business according to "Sharia Finance" you have just bowed and submitted to the will of Allah and Mohammad. 
  "Sharia Finance", imposed on American companies and governments is submission to Islam, plain and simple.  "Sharia Finance" is the first step of "stealth jihad".  A foot in the door, as it were.  Because so many Americans are either misinformed, or totally uninformed they will be hammering nails in America's coffin, and they won't even know they are wielding the hammer.  Ignorance of true Islam, is a death sentence.  Entering into business arrangements with Muslims under "Sharia Finance" is like cutting your own throat.  When one understands Islamists and how they practice deceit like honing a fine edge, you will realize that is exactly what the Muslims are doing, honing a fine edge on the sword that will cut through the life-blood of America's financial system. 
  I find that I can't emphasize it enough;  it is imperative for Americans, especially for those in places of authority, to actually pay attention to what the outspoken Muslim Imams in this country are saying!  If you just listen, you will hear what Islam's intent for the West is, and exactly how they intend to accomplish that goal.  Their first step is to convince uninformed and misinformed local governments that "Sharia Finance" is necessary if you want to do business with Islam.  I contend, there is absolutely no good and justifiable reason to do business with Islam in the first place, especially under their demands and laws.
  I strongly suggest that Governor Haslam obtain a copy of "A Teacher's Guide To Muslim Students".  It was sent out to the teachers of the Rutherford County School District by the new Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, TN.  The first page and a half deals with Islam itself, but the bottom of the second page is where the demands of Islam on behalf of Muslim students begins.  The following appeasements are discussed (demanded):  1.)  Changes in school menus to accommodate Muslim students, and special rooms set aside for their special fasting times.  2.)  Accommodations for Muslim students to pray during school hours.  (I wonder how many schools in Tennessee make special arrangements for Christian students to pray during school hours?)  3.)  Special physical education and showering arrangements, i.e., Muslim students should not be forced to participate in joined swimming classes.  Muslims students should all have their schedules arranged so that they have P.E. at the last class of the day, so they may go home and shower.  4.) Family and Sex education classes must be approved by the local Islamic Center, as Muslim students are more modest than American students.  5.)  Muslim students are required to attend congregational worship called Jumaha, and that takes place every Friday at midday, at the Mosque.  (So special arrangements need to be made for Muslim students to be released from school at midday every Friday for worship.  When was that last time your child was released early on a school day to attend church for a Holy Day?)  6.)  Schools will be expected to keep track of Islamic Holy Days, and of course they change every year on a lunar month which is marked by the appearance of a new crescent moon.  7.) Gender Relations, Islam prescribes certain parameter for children who have reached puberty.  Many Muslim students will not even shake hands or be touched by someone of opposite sex.  This is not to be taken as an insult.  (It's just the way we are, deal with it Dhimmi.)    (I saved the best demand for last.  This is where Muslims throw our 1st Amendment Constitutional rights in our face.  Because Christian and Jewish students are not even afforded these rights in America's Public School System.)  8.)  " Prayer, fasting, pilgrimages, religious celebrations as well as dietary and clothing requirements are Islamic practices.  The First Amendments to the Constitution, which protects the free exercise of religion, protects such religious expressions as the activities noted above in this letter.  Moreover, the Equal Access Act of 1984 (upheld by the Supreme Court in 1990) affirmed the right of student initiated religious activities in public schools."  (Of course there are additional demands in dietary menus, curriculum issues and last but not least Islamic Holidays.  Located on the letter's final page.)
  It is imperative that the people of Tennessee understand that these Muslims who are infiltrating your community, know the U.S. Constitution better than you do.  The fact that the above paragraph "8", was even included in this letter and guideline to Rutherford County Schools, is where the threat lies.  The above paragraph is telling the school administrators and teachers, that non-compliance (appeasement) to the demands of Muslims in Murfeesboro, will result in expensive litigation, and the school district, the county and the state will lose, and eventually submit to the demands of Islam.
  A Mosque/Islamic Center in any neighborhood, whether it be in Tennessee, New York, California, Washington or Oregon, and all the territory in between, the demands will always be the same.  
  Islam has but one goal, and contrary to popular belief, all Muslims have the same goal, that is Islamifcation of America.  American Christians, Jews, Agnostics, and Atheists need to have a common goal also, that being, the "Stopping of the Islamification of America."  Appeasement of Islam is viewed as weakness by Islam, keep that in mind Governor Haslam.
God Help Us
The Watchman     

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