Friday, September 23, 2011


American High School Football Players In Arab, Alabama Offending One Muslim By Praying To Jesus Christ

In the town of Arab, Alabama, (how ironic).  For the past ten years  the High School football games have been started with a prayer.  Not anymore though, no sir, Christians in Arab, Alabama can no longer pray for their children at the beginning of football games because, (and here's the ironic part) one Arab Muslim wrote and complained of being offended by Christian prayer.  So, like a good little dhimmi (that's a slave to Muslims) the Superintendent of Schools in Arab, Alabama has banned prayer at the football games.  Is it me?  Am I the only one that sees something wrong in this picture?  Can it be possible that Superintendent John Mullins has been stripped of his manhood and can no longer stand up for the other 99% majority of students and families in his town?  Have Muslims become so feared by Christians that the Christians are bowing to the Muslim's every whim?  Are the Christian majority in Arab, Alabama actually going to put up with one (1) Muslim dictating the entire town's behavior.  Perhaps Superintendent Mullins just has no fight left in him.  I'm sure glad he wasn't around during the founding of this nation, if he were, America would still be a few colonies, and we'd all be sitting at high tea and eating crumpets.  Superintendent Mullins, you should hang your head in shame!!!   You have abandoned, your students, your student's parents, your faith and your God.  How did you put it Mr. Mullins "this isn't worth going to court over."  Are you kidding me?!?  If the survival of your faith isn't worth fighting for, may I ask you "What is."???
  What ever happened to Christians standing up for their rights in this country?  Are the people in Arab, Alabama going to go to this week's football game and pray aloud anyway?  If not, they should be!!!  What do you think would happen if Christians had as much guts as Muslims do?  Muslims aren't afraid to block the streets when it's their time to pray.  Christians bring upon themselves the persecution foretold in the scriptures because they are weak.  I can't help but think there is that one Muslim in Arab, Alabama laughing uncontrollably at the fearful Christians in his town.  Yes, one single solitary Muslim now controls the entire town of Arab, Alabama.  Why?  Because Christians like Superintendent John Mullins feels that their faith is not worth fighting for.  I just wonder how many Christians in Arab, will turn tail and run from the one Muslim who is offended by public prayer to Jesus Christ?  If you can't stand up for your faith and beliefs in a court of law, what will you do when Islam tells you that you must now bow to Allah or die?  Is that what Superintendent Mullins is trying to convey to his community, that opposition to Islam is futile and that Christians may just as well lie down prostrate before Allah.  If the people of Arab do not fight this Muslim take over, then Muslims around the nation will be emboldened and will most certainly become more forceful in their demands for special treatment from their communities.
  Get your heads out of the sand American Christians or you won't be able to pray to your God in your own country!!!
In the words of Superintendent John Mullins:  "We wish we could continue praying but we can't".  That my fellow Christians is one of the most pathetic and weak quotes that I have ever heard.  It should be a wake up call to Christians in every city, town, municipality and boro in America...Will it be?  I PRAY THAT IT WILL!!!
God Help Us
The Watchman 

Prayer Banned At Football Games by Alabama Superintendent

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