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 Appeasing Islam in Nashville Metropolitan Schools, what a wonderful country we live in!!!  Still say the Muslim influence isn't a threat to our way of life?

Do the people in the Nashville Metro School system know that in 2010 Metro schools began supplying prayer rooms for Muslim students?  Dr. Jesse Register; Director Of Schools for MNPS (Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools) was instrumental in establishing an Educational Resources Committee for Muslim Students.  A letter was sent out to Muslim families that stated:  "In a meeting with Dr. Register with representatives from the Islamic Center of Nashville, Salahadeen Center, Masjid Al-Farooq and Masjid Al-Islam, an official committee has been formed to act as a liaison and educational resource for Muslim families and Metro Nashville Public Schools to meet the needs of students while maintaining their Islamic identity.  For more information you may contact any of the centers or Sr. Berthena or Sr. Kasar."
  When was the last time Dr. Jesse Register and leaders of Nashville's Christian churches or Jewish Synagogues met to discuss Nashville's student needs while maintaining their Christian or Jewish it identities?  I'm just asking!!!
  Prayer Accommodations at School:
The letter went on to say:  "  For your children's interest, accommodations for students taking a few minutes to catch their Dhuhr prayer are available.  Please contact your child's appropriate teacher of that particular period via email.  (emails can be found on metro's website, and copy your school's guidance counselor.  Your child can also personally request the teacher as well.  Letters for prayer arrangements during Ramadan (along with PE and lunch alternatives such as the library) have already been sent to all schools.  Letters for other specific accommodations have been revised and will be sent out".
  Parents of MNPS when was the last time Dr. Register sent you a letter that would allow your Christian or Jewish student special times during the day when they could spend a few minutes catching up on their "Lord's Prayer" or for reading and studying the Torah?  Let me guess, never?  Has there even been a special accommodation for Christian students to celebrate and pray during the Christmas season or the Easter Season?  Has Dr. Register ever offered to make special accommodations for Jewish students during Hanukkah or Passover?  While we're on the subject, I am positive that there are also Hindu and Buddhist students who are also worthy of some special accommodations, but do they get any from MNPS?  No, I am sure they do not. 
  Of course the parents of the students within the Nashville Public School system shouldn't feel alone.  It seems that Muslim students are getting special treatment and accommodations from coast to coast in America.  I took the liberty to provide a link above to the website "Jihadwatch".  It will be of no surprise that public schools and universities all over America are bending over backwards to appease Muslim students and their parents.  Some additional special accommodations for Muslim students are prayer rooms for daily prayers; the consideration of request to make Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that ends Ramadan, a school holiday; and the installation of footbaths in restrooms to make it easier for students to follow prayer rituals.  I wonder if Catholic students will have access to "holy water" founts for making the sign of the cross when entering and leaving their prayer rooms?  Oh oops, I forgot, Catholic students, won't be getting prayer rooms, neither will other Christian denominations.  It is only those who follow Islam that are privileged in American school systems.  As I mentioned earlier, students in Nashville aren't the only one being indoctrinated into thinking that Islam and Muslims are special people and deserve special recognition and special accommodations.  In Cobb County Georgia, at the Campbell Middle School, 7th graders were given a special homework assignment.  A homework assignment that implies the polygamy is acceptable, and that pushes Islam as a wonderful and exciting religion of peace.  The homework assignment caused only one parent to complain, and that is what really bothers me.  One parent, one and only one Christian parent had the guts to complain to the school and to channel 2, a local TV station.  I would urge you all to click on .  In the comments section about three comments down is a link to the actual assignment paper the students were to fill out.  In my humble opinion it is a pure and simple indoctrination of our young people into Islam.  No doubt, no way.  I can not believe that more parents weren't screaming bloody murder at the school.  But, as far as I know, one parent, only one had the guts to stand up and question this assignment.  TV journalist, Channel 2's Tom Regan asked the school about this assignment and was told "it was used to compare pros and cons of the school dress code."  This school representative must be taking lying lessons from Barack Obama.  It is all balderdash, to mislead and cover the deep infiltration of Islam into the American public school system and it's subsequent curriculum. 
  Because of the minute public outcry over the 7th grade school assignment, I feel the need to caution all parents around this nation to make yourselves aware of what your public school is teaching your children.  Look at the homework your child brings home, read your child's Civics book, read your child's history book.  Be vigilant, or you may be surprised when your daughter comes home sporting a burka or hijab, and tells you she is now the 4th wife of your local Imam.  The fact that she is only 10 or 12 years old, makes no difference to the Muslim men in your community. 
God Help This Nation
The Watchman

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