Tuesday, September 6, 2011


"Take a good look at the man who is destroying our nation"

      As if there were ever any doubt as to Barack Hussein Obama's intentions, they should be all but completely erased after his speech yesterday to the unions.  Barack Obama has proved that he is the most divisive president in the history of the United States.  His condoning and encouragement of violence against the TEA Party is a pathetic cry of a failed president.  That of course doesn't mean he's giving up his cause, quite the contrary.  It was, is and always will be Barack Obama's goal to divide the people of this nation against themselves.  His strategy is obvious to those looking at him and vetting him from an objective standpoint.  Remember the old saying "united we stand, divided we fall"?  That particular adage means everything to Obama and his cohorts in subversion.  Driving wedges between the classes, the colors, and the faiths of Americans has become Obama's chief goal.  Hasn't anyone noticed just how good he is at wedge driving, all the while telling the people he's a uniter?
  Let's take a look at just who Obama is uniting in America, and who Obama is dividing.  He has united Muslim terrorists, entitlement junkies, black liberationists and supremacists.  He is uniting union labor, even though most of them are out of work.  He has  united gays and lesbians.  But has he united America as a whole?  Union workers only make up about 3% of the entire American workforce, yet he has union leaders like Hoffa pledging allegiance to him, outwardly claiming that union members are Obama's private army, and they are willing to take out the members of the TEA Party, take out-that means kill and murder in my book, after all, I was born in Chicago too, and I'm quite familiar with mobster lingo.  The speech by Hoffa and follow up by Barack Obama had serious connotations toward violence, union labor against the rest of us.  These words by a very vocal idiot like Hoffa are for the most part empty, but the words of encouragement from Obama are very telling.  Does the "Coming Insurrection" come to mind?  It certainly rings a bell in my head.  If you haven't read that particular book, I strongly urge you get your hands on a copy, read it and learn from it.  The insurrection in America is coming, mostly because good people don't see it coming.  Evil, recognized for what it is, can be thwarted, but you can't defeat evil if you don't see it for what and who it is.
  Those who can not see the blatant attempts by Barack Obama and those of like sentiment, are in the most dire need of help.  Barack Obama stated it in his speech yesterday, paraphrasing:  "One of the reasons I ran for president was to bring labor up and restore the middle-class".  What were the other reasons I ask?  A quick examination of Obama's accomplishments gave me the answer.  He has managed to cause chaos in a country where chaos is not, and has not been the norm.  Obama, through his minions, have managed to destroy most, if not all progress in racial equality.  He has manipulated minorities to resent majorities, okay, okay, plain and simple, he has once again turned blacks against whites.  He has turned the poor against the rich, he has turned the middle class against the poor and the rich.  He has turned labor against their employers.  He is turning America into a Godless nation as he turns faith against faith and the faithful against their God, a nation without a moral compass, without principle without integrity without borders and without laws.  One need not dwell on these facts for too long to realize I am correct on all points.  He has through his evil manipulations taken a once thriving and vital nation and is leading down the road to perdition.  His goals are self evident by his actions.  From the Saul Alinsky book "Rules for Radicals", Obama is destroying this nation from bottom to top.  Overloading the system with every possible expense.  Unemployment is at record highs, nearly fifty percent of America is collecting an entitlement of some kind.  Overloading the system, Alinksy, Cloward and Piven can truly be proud of this president.
  Satan has his hand on this nation, and his hand is coming directly from the White House.  When I see Barack Obama and hear Barack Obama, it is not just a man I see and hear, it is evil incarnate.  Listening to him in essence turns my stomach, as it should every Christian.  We have an individual leading our nation away from God, a pro-abortionist, a multi-culturalist, an immoral being without even one good intention.  
  In my mind's eye, in my heart of hearts I truly believe that if Barack Obama is somehow allowed to stay in power, that it will be done through the forces of evil, the Prince of Darkness if you will.  Should Barack Obama remain in his power seat either as president of the United States, or first dictator of the New One World Order, or even the Caliph of the new Muslim Caliphate, America and Christianity will suffer a blow beyond our comprehension.  Are we not already passing laws that condone and encourage deviant and immoral behavior?  Do we not already have a serious criminal element on Capitol Hill, i.e., Charlie Rangle, Frank, Waters, this list goes on and on.  Do our elected representatives still represent the people?  I say "they do not."  Yet, they are re-elected time and time again, why?  Corruption, that's why.  
  Barack Obama and people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangle are systematically destroying any semblance of order that ever existed in this nation's capitol.  They have done away with virtues like honesty and truthfulness, and replaced them with corruption and deceit.
  With the help of God's divine intercession, this evil can be stopped, but, that's the only way.  A nation without God, can not stand on it's own.  Christians and all good people, we can ill afford to continue as sheep being led to slaughter.  With the Lord's help, your vote will count in this next election.  It is imperative that you vote from conscience and heart, not your pocket book. 
God Help Us
The Watchman     

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