Wednesday, June 29, 2011


    It is at times beyond my realm of comprehension how the Leftist Liberal/Progressive can be so determined to purport love and peace and tolerance, while at the same time hate those who have a difference of opinion.  Isn't tolerance something liberals are actually proud of?  How can they be proud of their tolerance when they have none themselves?  How can the Left be so intense when they espouse diversity, and yet at the same time be so obviously narrow minded?  
  The other night on The Chris Mathews Left wing talk show, Chris commented on the content of a Michelle Bachman speech.  Because Michelle Bachman stated, and I'm paraphrasing here "America needs to get back to ideals of our founding fathers when they wrote the Constitution."  Out of that Bachman statement, Mathews derived this: "Oh so Michelle Bachman wants to go back to slavery!!!"  Aside from being a sub-species with the thought capacity of a moron, how could anyone get that conclusion from Bachman's statement?  It appears that if hate doesn't exist, the Leftist is somehow duty bound to find some hate at all costs, and if they can't find it, they make it up.  I don't know, does a Liberal lose their Progressive License if they can't sow some type of hate seed into any given situation?
  It is obvious that under the guise of diversity, the liberal left are nothing but true bigots in the very true sense of the word.  I'm not sure how someone can hate everyone else, but when listening to a leftist/progressive speak, I sure come away with that impression.  The liberals hated George Bush, they hate Sarah Palin, why?  Because Sarah Palin is not a victim, but a victor, and the left has no use for a conservative woman, especially one who is victorious in all she does.  The liberal left hates Michelle Bachman for the same reason, which means they hate her for no reason at all.  I mean what's more diverse than a woman or women who aren't afraid to take a stand for something?
  Sowing hate wherever there is fertile ground seems to be obligatory in order to retain membership with the Progressive crowd.  You'll notice that the liberals find their only strength when they are out-numbering there opponents.  I believe we call that a "mobocrity" (to swipe a phrase from Glenn Beck).       
  The one unmistakable attribute (if you can call it that) about the Progressive/Leftist movement, is that they have little discretion when employing equal opportunity hate all around the globe.  Their hate is not directed at any certain person, place or thing.  Their hate is distributed universally throughout the nations of the world.  I honestly feel that many Leftists are what I refer to as "blind leftists", these would be the people that will always follow the crowd, regardless of what the crowd is doing.  "Blind Leftists" have no ability to think and ascertain for themselves, what is right and what is wrong.  A little research would reveal the following truths about a "Blind Leftist" for that matter, any true Leftist Progressive will have or relate to these traits:
1.  They are Godless, unless you consider the worship of Big Government and entitlements a god.  Hence they do not have the ability to judge right from wrong. 
2.  They have no sense of responsibility, everything that is wrong in their miserable unhappy lives, is the fault of someone else, more than likely the fault of responsible conservatives who actually work, pay taxes, and last but not least defend freedom.
3.  All Leftists do have a propensity toward like mindedness.  They all share the opinion that they only, can be right about everything.  Which is in fact a contradiction in terms, as one cannot be right minded, and still be a leftist, and one cannot be a true leftist and still be considered to be in one's right mind.  Do you see my point here?
  The Left hates Israel, why you ask?  Because right minded conservatives stand by Israel, and that is in actuality the only reason they have.  The Left hated George Bush, why, because he defended our nation, and actually went to congress to get approval to attack Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein.  Do they hate Obama, no, why not?  Because Barack Hussein Obama is the official leader of the Left wing hate America and all that it stands for movement.  
  You see, it is because the Left wing, and their political party have absolutely NO distinguishable accomplishments, that it is necessary for them to vilify the Right.  The bottom line is, if you have nothing to brag about or be proud of, then your only recourse is to attack those who have made notable accomplishments throughout history.  The Democrat party is no longer the party of the people it used to be.  It has been infiltrated with Communist/Progressives and it caters only those special interest groups that can and do secure them wins in many elections.  The Unions, the Gays, the Blacks and the Hispanics, just to name a few.  It should also be mentioned that the Democrat party is doing everything in their power to court and get amnesty for Illegal aliens as this would be a feather in their cap, and more than likely assure a Presidential victory in 2012.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that their motives are strictly self serving, and in time they will throw all of their supporters under the bus, it's what Communists do.
  The world that the Left wing is building will not be one of peace and prosperity for all.  In fact it will be a world of poor and rich, elite and lowly, being a Progressive today, will not move one to the top of the Progressive food chain tomorrow.  The seats at the top are already spoken for, people like George Soros will be sitting in command central, not you.  The only thing a Liberal Progressive will be able to take pride in is; that they were instrumental in destroying the greatest nation to have ever been on the face of the earth.  Congratulations Progressives, enjoy your poverty, it is obviously what you wanted all along.  Hate will get you nowhere, and nowhere is where you'll be.  Satan will be proud, look what he's accomplishing.  
God Help Us
"The Watchman" 

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