Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Are those the American Colors I see flying on that Gaza Flotilla Boat?

Yes, I do believe that the "Audacity Of Hope" Gaza Flotilla Boat has even more audacity than they can imagine.  Flying the colors of the United States of America, somehow lends itself to the assumption that this Communist/Islamic vessel has been sanctioned by the people and the government of America.  As an American, I can attest to the fact that myself and millions of other Americans do not support this affront on Israel by these radicals.  I seriously doubt that this invasion vessel even meets the requirements to fly America's colors.  Is the boat of U.S. registry?  Was it even constructed in the United States?  Has the U.S. Naval Department recognized this sea-going vessel as a vessel that represents America?  Even if all these requirements were met, I ask you?  Should a vessel displaying the colors of the United States be sailed into a confrontational invasion of another country's waters?  Should America sanction the colors of a vessel that will be carrying U.S. citizens into a purposely laid out plan to run a naval blockade?  Where does the U.S. government stand on this one anyway?  If Barack Obama feels that this running of an Israeli Naval blockade is something that must be done, then why doesn't he just have U.S. Naval warships lead the way.  Why is the President of the United States willing to allow citizen activists board boats to run an ally country's blockade?  Does Barack Hussein Obama have an underlying motive?  I content, that he has.
  It is common knowledge that one of the main organizers of this so-called "Freedom Flotilla" is none other than Amin Abou Rashed a known leader in the Hamas terrorist organization in Holland and a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Also helping to organize this sea-going invasion to Gaza is Code Pink, remember them, they were the ones protesting the war in Iraq.  That's right, they camped outside President George Bush's ranch, protesting the war.  Of course, that was only because it was Bush's War.  Now that we have an obviously Muslim President there are no more Code Pink war protests.  As a matter of fact, I see very few "peace-nicks" at all anymore.  Is it because the entire anti-war movement was just an anti-Bush, and anti-Christian movement?  The facts are, that President Obama now has us in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.  I guess that's okay though, as I hear nothing from Code Pink about that fact that more U.S. military have been killed in action since Obama became President, than any given period under George Bush's command.  But I digress, back to the "Flotilla".  Here are a couple of facts that the liberal press and media outlets haven't divulged to the public yet, and probably never will.  
1.  Israel only began restricting the supply of goods to Gaza in 2007 when Hamas took control of Gaza, supposedly by a free election.  It must be understood that Hamas has swore to Allah the destruction of the Israeli state.  So, wouldn't you have taken the same precautions if your next door neighbor avowed the same thing about your existence?
2.  Israel has made numerous offers to transport goods and aid to Gaza overland, as long as the Flotilla ships did not directly  reach the coastal territory themselves.  Israel and Egypt had an agreement that cargo bound for Gaza would be unloaded in the Egyptian port of El-Arish, and after being checked for security breaches then be allowed into the Gaza Strip for distribution.  Of course we all now know that Egypt has fallen to the Muslim Brotherhood (for all intensive purposes), therefore, the deal between Israel and Egypt is null and void, and that deal was revoked by the new interim government of Egypt, not by Israel.  
  So here is Israel's plight, what are they to do to ensure the sovereignty of their tiny country?  What other alternative do they have when their very existence is threatened, now, not only by their neighbors, but by countries that once were allies, and that, sadly includes the United States of America?  Israel is only doing what they must do, and Israel must do what they must do.  
  This so-called "Freedom Flotilla" is nothing short of a provocation to incite an Israeli military response, a trap if you will.  Unfortunately, if Israel is to remain a sovereign and safe nation, it may have no alternative but to step into the trap, knowing full well that any defensive action on their part will certainly bring about the wrath and condemnation of the rest of the world.  If Israel allows these Flotilla ships into Gaza unchecked, they will likely be allowing Hamas
  I pray for the safety of all involved, but I also know what I would do if I were Israel.  I would sink the first vessel that violated the blockade, and if the other vessels did not turn about, then all would be sunk.  There are really no innocent lives on those vessels, only idiots and ideologues who know full well what they are doing, and have decided to carry out their suicide mission.  Israel must stand, even if it means standing against the world.  With God on their side who can defeat them?  No one!!!
God Help Us
"The Watchman"   

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