Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama Admits: Sometimes I Think ‘One Term is Enough’ | The Blaze

And all the world says "good-bye and good riddance"

Is that an "I quit" I hear from Obama???  Please Lord, let it be!!!
Believe me Barry, the entire world, especially America and Israel will breathe a huge sigh of relief if you just....well shoot Mr. President, you could vacate the White House this afternoon if you'd like.  I mean, there's no rush, but don't let the White House door hit you on the butt as you leave! (nothing personal Michelle, although you can take your diet program with you.  Obviously it doesn't work!) 

  Please Barack, don't give it a second thought, hey, tell you what I'll do, I have an older model Dodge V10 long bed truck, runs good, I'll give it to you to help you and the family move.  You don't even have to say thanks.  Of course there are some stipulations Barack, number one, you've got to take Michelle and the kids with you, and you have to promise not to abscond with the White House silver.  I mean after all, you've already stolen enough from the American people, don't you think?  You've taken the United States of America's dignity and good standing in the world, and trashed it, apologised for all the things we've done, like winning the Second World War and saving all of Europe's hind quarters.  I mean if it wasn't for America, the English, Italians, French, and Spanish would all be speaking German.  We, didn't stop there though, did we?  We also beat the Japanese into total submission, but we didn't make them submit, did we?  No, as a matter of fact, we helped the British, the Germans, the Italians, the French and the Japanese rebuild their countries into thriving nations.  Of course you, as President apologised for that, somehow I still can't see what we Americans have to be sorry for.  It must be a Racist/Socialist/Communist/Muslim thing that causes you to hate and be embarrassed about the country you were elected to represent.  Whatever your reason, that's fine.  If you want to quit your job early, you'll certainly get no guff from the American people.  How about this for a once in a lifetime severance package?  All you have to do is admit that even the newest revealed birth certificate is a fake, thereby nullifying all the legislation you signed into law.  Then we'll let you go back to organizing bake sales in the Chicago ghetto's where you can continue to convince your people ( yea, right your people!) that they are still down trodden.  The rest of us will try not to get you charged, tried and jailed for treason against the Constitution of the United States.  When you're gone, then your cabinet goes too, maybe you can find them a place at your house, they certainly won't be welcome in the people's house anymore! 
  This entire scenario sounds better and better all the time.  I am sorry folks, it's all a pipe dream I'm afraid.  It doesn't have to be though, all we have to do is find the right Christian principled, honest man or woman to run for President, back them with all the support of the Christian community and get them elected to office.  It can be done, it can be done, it can be done!  With God's help, We The People can save our land.
Believe me Barack, one term of your Socialist and evil agenda is enough for America and the world too.  So, please retire early, move to Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or even back to Chicago, don't go away mad, just go away!!!
Praise God In All Things
The Watchman

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