Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I don't want to leave out the many conservative talk show hosts who can't seem to understand that Muslims can be incited to barbarism by merely saying something about Muhammad. I would venture to say that Muslims would be incited to murder if an Infidel (that's us), were to pick his nose while unknowingly walking past a Mosque. It's how imbeciles and morons respond. Burning the Qur'an has nothing to do with the violence being perpetrated upon Christians and other innocent people in the Middle East. Muslims have been murdering Christians, Jews long before Pastor Terry Jones burned the Qur'an in Florida.
Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Harry Reid, are both a couple whining Progressives, and their concern is not for the safety of the American people, or our military stationed in the Middle East. They're both just frightened of Islam. General Patraeus is also a gutless General, and a poor leader. Instead of whining about a Pastor in Florida burning the Qur'an, he should be aggressive enough to tell Hamid Karsi and Barack Hussein Obama that if there is any additional aggressive action against the American troops in Afghanistan for ANY reason, there will be swift and decisive action taken without regard for collateral damage. He should also have enough schmaltz to tell Obama, hey look either we're here to win, or we're out. I intend to order my men that we will no-longer pussy-foot around. Shoot to kill the enemy, whether he's running toward you, or away from you, kill the enemy, period! the best defense is always a strong and aggressive offense. He should be demanding in public to know why he is not being allowed to win this war.
This incessant need for America's elected leaders to constantly apologise to Islam makes me want to puke. The nation of Islam started this holy war, and America needs to finish it. Yes, we are at war with Islam, we are not at war with terror, terror is merely the result of terrorism, and terrorism is a tactic of war. Our war is with Islam, as no other so-called religion poses such a threat to the peace of the world. The war is not only in the Middle East, it's right here at home too. The safety of this entire country depends on our determination to stop and enemy from flourishing in our own land. Encouraging Islam to expand in America is a suicidal act at best. Appeasing Islam in America and abroad is a desperate act of futility. One can not appease Islam, the more you give, the more they want, the more you give the more they'll take. They will take it either by force, or by cunning and deceit, but, they will take it.
As for Sean Hannity, your conversation with a man on the phone during your radio show yesterday, you said that if General David Patraeus said that burning the Qur'an would put our troops in greater danger on the battlefield, that if it were you, you would not have burned the Qur'an. Hypothetically, if General Patraeus told you today that anything derogatory you say about Islam will put out troops in greater danger on the battlefield, would you then stop speaking the truth about Islam? The same question goes for Glenn Beck. I think the bottom line here is, it doesn't take much to incite Islamists to violence. Their leaders know that, and they are using that threat of imbecilic violence to silence the truth about Islam. This is America, and if Pastor Jones chooses to burn a book that he has bought and paid for, it is his right under the first amendment to do so. If I chose to burn my copy of the Qur'an, I will, and I don't care if the act offends Muslims. (If Muslims have a problem with me, then they can confront me. But the followers of Islam are cowards, and they don't often face an enemy toe to toe. However if they wish, well...here I am!) If Pastor Jones wants to grandstand and burn it publicly, it is his right to do so. This is still America, and as long as we have Imams and Muslim clerics inciting American Muslims to rise up and destroy the nations of Israel and the United States, then an American should be able to fight back and defend his country and his religion to the best of his ability. If Pastor Jones had decided to go to the nearest Mosque and kill a congregation of Muslims, that would be different. Pastor Jones and his congregation are fighting against America's single worst enemy, and they are fighting back the best way they know how, Constitutionally!!! They also have realized that the appeasement of Islam is not the answer. Appeasing the enemy does not deter them, but it certainly does embolden them. Waking up America is imperative if we want to be victorious against this enemy within. Although Pastor Jones methods are questionable, I'm sure his intentions are to bring the presence of this enemy into the light, as most of America is still asleep, as Islam infiltrates and infects our free society.
There is only on reason for our government's appeasement of Islam, and that reason is shear fear of reprisal. Our elected officials are scared to death of Islam, yet they encourage Islam's expansion in America. It's sort of like letting the rapist into your bedroom hoping that he'll leave you alone if you let him have your wife. Appeasing Islam is as I said, suicidal at best. If American liberalism and political correctness continues down this path, our country, our freedom and liberty, our way of life and our religious beliefs are all doomed. American Christians need to stand up beside other Christians who are taking a stand against the Islamification of America.
Was Muhammad a false prophet? Yes he was! Does the Qur'an preach hate? Yes it does! Has the nation of Islam declared war on Israel and America? Yes they have! Are Muslim's murdering Christians and Jews? Yes they are! Is Islam's goal world dominance? Yes it is! So, I ask you America, why are we constantly bending over backwards to kiss the rear end of Islam, when we know their intention is to do us harm? FEAR, FEAR,FEAR!!! If it's not FEAR, then it must be stupidity!!!
God Help Us
The Watchman

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