Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"I am a problem solver, I just have this requirement to payback SEIU, or is it George Soros, or is it Islam, I'm not sure, but I am a problem solver!"
Is Obama guilty of another crime here?  In my opinion, YES!

October 14, 2010, before Obama care was passed, the FBI was able to bust a $100 million dollar Medicare Fraud ring.  This was the story in the New York Times.  It appears a band of Armenian-American gangsters were able to bilk the U.S. Taxpayers out of one hundred million dollars by inventing 118 clinics in 25 different states, they managed to bill Medicare fraudulently and made off with at least 35 million in cash.  It should be noted, this is money that is unrecoverable.  How did they accomplish this crime?  It was quite easy when you take into consideration the fact that these criminals were dealing with the inept United States Government.  If the SS numbers of the patients match and the SS numbers of the doctors match, and the proper code for each billing was used, the government paid, it's as simple as that.  It should also be noted that Medicare isn't the only government agency that is defrauded out of billions of dollars each year.  There is Medicaid, Welfare, Unemployment Compensation, Social Security, Wick, Food Stamps, HUD Housing, I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the point.
  In 2010, President Obama was pushing hard for his national health-care system, when asked how he would pay for such a monstrosity?  Obama replied, we will pay for most of it by locating and stopping the waste and fraud from the current Medicare system.  Which of course led most of us normal and sane people to the question:  If there is that much fraud and waste of the taxpayer's money, how come the government hasn't checked it long before now?  If I recall, there was no comment from the President or anyone from the White House on that one!  Obama just gave America that big "trust me" smile, and people like Chris Matthews got that Obama chill up his leg, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, and SEIU went forward and passed this Leviathan of a bill as though the question of funding was never brought to light.  Now to the crux of this article:  In 2010 prior to the passing of the Obama care bill, a private company named IBM approached President Obama, and offered to set up a master fraud detection computer system/network for the U.S. government that would be able to save the American taxpayer some $900 billion dollars by detecting fraudulent claims.  IBM CEO, Sam Palmisano told Barack Obama that IBM had studied the Medicare fraud issue and estimated the actual 10 year problem to be close to $900 billion dollars.  Sam Palmisano offered to build a system that had the potential to save the American taxpayer enough to fund 90% of the entire Obama Care program.  Our President, in all his glory and wisdom turned IBM down flat.  You ask huh???  And as my head is still trying to wrap some logical explanation around Obama's refusal to accept IBM's offer.  There is no logical explanation for Obama's refusal, that is, unless you are Obama.  His decision to turn down IBM on this no lose offer of help, among so many other questionable decisions Obama has made, begs another question:  Since Obama became President, has he done anything, anything at all to actually help this nation, in any way shape or form?  The answer is an unequivocal NO!  Let's recap some of Obama's decisions, shall we?  Let's see if any of them were or are beneficial to this country.
Stimulus, and TARP, in all fairness one of those was shared with the previous Bush administration, were either of these beneficial to America, no, not really.  Mostly because no one can actually answer where all those billions of dollars went, can they?  How about "Cash for Clunkers?  Beneficial?  Once again, NO not really.  However, if you have an older car that needs repair, and you're looking for a part, it will be harder to find, not to mention more expensive today.  Why you ask?  Because in the Cash for Clunkers, all those used cars were destroyed, that was part of the deal.  Where parts removed for later use, NO they were not, the usable parts were crushed along with the automobile itself, that was also part of the deal.  Here's one good one, the bail out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, oops, I'm afraid that wasn't good either.  What it does is make your house that you worked so hard for, about 40% less of an asset.  But that's okay, the taxpayers will pick up the tab for those bad loans that the government forced the banks to make, to people who couldn't qualify to purchase a pack of gum on a time payment plan.  Nope, that's no good either, because you're the taxpayer, and now you're not only paying your mortgage, but you're paying someone else's mortgage.  What a wonderful country.  No wonder so many illegals are coming here from Mexico and around the world!!!  Let's see where does that bring us?
1.  Thanks to Obama, we aren't drilling for oil, I mean anywhere.
2.  We are however paying Brazil to drill for oil where Obama's moratorium bans drilling by American companies.
3.  Obama is borrowing trillions of dollars from China, according to Obama we need to borrow money from foreign sources so we can give it back to them under America's foreign aid programs.
4.  Obama wants to establish a Cap & Trade system so we will be forced to pay atrocious electric bills because of global warming that doesn't exist.
5.  Obama's answer to the energy problem is to build more electric cars.  Where are we going to plug them in, when electric energy costs go through the roof, how did Obama put it, "necessarily skyrocket"?
6.  Obama's really special decision is to burn our food as fuel (ethanol) for our cars, that we won't need to use, because there will be no jobs to drive to. 
7.  Nuclear energy is out of the question, it is potentially dangerous.
8.  Obama has done irreparable damage to America's financial system, we are for the first time ever, NEGATIVE.
  Is this guy stupid or what?  The answer is: Or What!
We have no oil, we can't use coal, we can't drill for more natural gas, we can't extract oil from shale, we are more dependent on OPEC oil than ever before in history.  Obama has now ticked off the Saudi's because he threw Hosni Mubarak under the bus, so they have now decided to slow the production of crude from the Saudi oil fields.  Libya is slowly falling under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood as is Egypt.  Obama has signed away America's nuclear weaponry edge over to the Russians.  China, Japan, Europe, Russia and many other nations want to replace the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency, because Obama and his minions just can't stop spending money that doesn't exist. 
  Oh yes my friends, this country is sliding down a terrible path to destruction.  Obama has even given orders to the U.S. Border Patrol to no longer arrest or detain illegals crossing the border.  We have an extremely serious security breach in this nation, and the largest breach, is in the White House.  The President has his Socialist/Communist One World agenda for America, and he's implementing it right before our eyes.  The politicians in Washington, D.C. are either to stupid to see what's happening, or they are in league with the devil, as it were.  I see no side of the aisle that is representing We The People.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"

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