Saturday, April 23, 2011


The First Amendment of Constitution no longer exists in Michigan, unless of course you are Muslim!!!

  Pastor Jones from Gainsville, Florida was jailed briefly in Dearborn, Michigan because he refused to pay the city a "peace bond" fee.  He refused, because requiring a protest/protester to pay a peace bond fee is unconstitutional, and it is unconstitutional. 
  In America it is legal to protest and it is still legal to be anti-anything you want.  I, for one am anti-abortion, anti-cold blooded murder, anti-spousal abuse, heck, I'm even anti-Obama and anti-his entire administration and ideology!  Oh, and yes I am 100% unequivocally ANTI-ISLAM and ANTI-SHARIA in America.  If  Muslims want Sharia Law, then they are certainly welcome to and encouraged to return to the backward, barbaric country from whence they came.  I refuse to tolerate the invasion of Muslims as well as illegal Mexicans, in my mind, they are the same.  Both are bleeding the American economy dry and neither have any intention of obeying the law or assimilating into American society.  The only thing that separates these two criminal entities, is that so far most illegal Mexicans aren't Muslim, at least not yet. 
  Since the Islamic invasion of America began, I've researched Islam and Sharia, the more I learn about them, the more I find that all I needed to know about them, is what I saw and felt on 9/11.  The Muslims in America are every bit as barbaric and brutal as they were in their own country.  They play the victim here but, they hate everyone that isn't Muslim, that tells me all I need to know.  These Muslims are brazen, demanding, pushy, rude, violent, unstable, and amount to a pestilence on civilized societies around the globe.  They expect tolerance, yet they will not tolerate.  They don't wish to be accepted, they wish to be dominant.  They will not submit to the laws of this country, they only submit to the Qur'an and abide by Sharia, and it is their intention to impose Sharia and its disgusting stone age rules on Americans.  Americans need to seriously take a look at what has happened to freedom in the Netherlands, the UK and now in Dearborn, Michigan USA.  Islam will not stop at the Michigan border, you can count on that.  Listen, if America doesn't have a Muslim in the White House, then we surely have an apostate of Muhammad.  American liberties and freedom are being sacrificed to appease Muslim demands from the Federal Government to your local city and town.  Dearborn Michigan is a perfect example. 
  There is no shame in taking a stand against the imposition of Islam and Sharia in America.  However, if American Christians, Jews, and even atheists do not take a stand together, Islam will succeed in it's quest.  Pastor Jones is correct in pointing out that America is the last bastion of Christian principles left in the world today.  All others have fallen to the demands of Islam.  America is getting weaker and more tolerant, and fear of Muslim reprisals has caused Americans of all faiths to look the other way.  Of course, if it is your intention to bow to Allah, then just keep ignoring the enemy.  Remember, "pretending the devil doesn't exist, will not make him go away."
God Help Us
"The Watchman"

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