Tuesday, April 26, 2011


After reading the caption under the picture above, it occurred to me that my wife and I witnessed this first hand.
Amazingly enough, this is the exact thing that happened at a town hall meeting last evening in Lebanon, Tennessee.

  Yesterday evening my wife and I attended a Town Hall meeting in our town of Lebanon, Tennessee.  Our guest speaker was our Freshman Senator, Diane Black (R).  The topic was of course "the state of the nation's economy".  We, (my wife and I) attended the meeting mostly because I had one or two questions to ask Senator Black, and of course we did want to meet her, shake her hand and express to her that we were happy she was elected, and of course thank her for the job she has done in her first 100 days in office.  As we sat listening to her explanation of the economic challenge the country was facing, and several questions and points of view from the other citizens in attendance, we both listened intently to the Senator's remarks and answers to the queries proposed to her.  Her answers were honest and to the point, and the questions she did not have answers to, she promised to look into those particular questions and come back with answers if only the person would leave either their email address, or home address.  I thought this to be very impressive, and I felt somewhat comfortable and assured that we had chosen the right person to be seated in the office she now holds.
  Halfway through the meeting, it was my turn to ask a question that has been concerning me for a very long time.  My question was concerning illegal immigration, the lack of this and many other administrations initiative to actually close our borders.  I also mentioned that I felt Barack Obama was doing everything in his power to destroy this country.  I didn't even get the chance to explain where I was going with my line of questioning, when a lady from a couple rows behind jumped up and rudely yelled at me "Is it because he (Obama) is a black man"?  Instantly, I'm wondering where that stupid question came from?  After all, it had nothing to do with either my questions or my statement of point of view.  We, (my wife and I had to tell her, in unison) that "Obama isn't black, he's an Arab."  As my wife and I defended our position, this liberal plant called us both racists.  We were thankful that no one else in the room, including the Sheriff shared her sentiment.  This is what leads me to ask the question:  Who are the real racists here?  My wife an I are both very Christian and conservative, and I know that neither one of us mentioned or insinuated that Barack Obama's skin color was even remotely a factor in my questions.  
  The bottom line here seems to be, that if anyone, for any reason  disagrees with Obama, then that person is automatically considered a bigoted racist by the liberal left.  My wife and I also have noticed through the last two years, that it is always a liberal, a progressive or a black person that draws the race card.  In the many Town Hall meetings we've witnessed on television, the subject of race, skin color, or religious affiliation never comes up until one of Obama's supporters brings it up.  My wife and I have arrived at two explanations regarding this phenomenon:  1.)   The Obama's supporters are the only ones that see race as a problem, and perhaps they are looking for justification as to why they made this huge mistake voting Obama into office, and it's their own doubts about a black man in office, that they need the justification from outside their party.  2.)  That they as progressive/liberals have absolutely nothing to brag about when it concerns their President.  After all, he has tried to ruin the nation both financially and morally.  To top that, he hasn't kept a single campaign promise.  So if, as a party you have no defense regarding your President's actions, then you must go on the offense and of course the only offense is to accuse those in disagreement with you of being a racist or a bigot, or both.  I'm thinking, for most disappointed Progressives their excuse for drawing the race card, is a little bit of both.  
  We, as a nation can not allow ourselves to be intimidated by the insistance of political correctness by the left.  The truth must be told, and a plain and simple fact about "truth", is that in itself there is no agenda.  It must also be understood that at times the truth hurts, but the truth will set you free.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"  

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