Sunday, February 20, 2011


If these are actually teachers who are holding these signs in Madison, WI., then they need to go back to school themselves, and get the education that they never received the first time through. I pray that the imbeciles holding these signs are SEIU thugs, and not professional educators in the state of Wisconsin. I sincerely hope that the citizens of Wisconsin are watching this so-called protest unfold, and are taking note of the disgusting behavior of the teachers involved. In my opinion, if I were a taxpayer in Wisconsin, I would demand that the children in school actually get an education from someone else, nae, anyone else but these perverted idiots. The ones holding the signs do not belong in a classroom, any classroom, but they do belong in a sewer where there behavior and language obviously came from!!! I am outraged that teachers would engage in lying and cheating and teaching the students that it is okay for them to do so, the example is at best atrocious. And doctors, my God, doctors writing false sick excuse notes for the teachers, obviously, they have no shame. Trust my life to a doctor that lies, how troubling is that? Hey doctor, remember this: "Do no harm!" You doctor have irreparably harmed every student who has witnessed your example. I am truly disgusted!!!

The level of intelligence that these so-called educators purvey in this protest could very well be the most juvenile I've ever seen supposed reasonable adults engage in. From the signs they hold, to the vile rhetoric that spews from their mouths, explains why they were able to be talked into the protest in the first place. Understanding that your state is on the verge of bankruptcy is well above the level of intelligence of these people. The Union leaders have completely bamboozled these people, and led them like stupid dumb sheep to the Madison, Wisconsin state house, to protest. I could expect this from a bunch of illiterates, but certainly not from teachers. Then again, most of these teachers are products of America's liberal public education system, they have been indoctrinated into thinking that they are somehow more important than anyone or anything else, and that includes the students in our nation's schools. The teacher protest occurring in Madison, WI. is a prime example of the narcissistic attitude that is eating away at the moral fibre of this country.
I remember school in the 1950's and '60s, the teachers were involved in teaching simple things like honesty, integrity, respect, charity, and yes, even spirituality. Reading, writing and arithmetic, civics, true American history. I remember, even in second grade, our public school teacher would not only lead the class in the Pledge of Allegiance, but also in a morning prayer, and yes, before lunch we said grace. That hasn't been the case for some time now. Even back then the signs were there, but I don't believe our parents, (the greatest generation) were paying much attention. Our parents were working hard providing us with the things they never had. It was the beginning of the two income families and two cars. Latch key kids, TV was the baby sitter, at least then the sitter was just harmless cartoons, not like today. Today the youngsters come home to an empty house and begin sexting on cell phones and ipods. No, it wasn't the TV that began our moral decay, it was the hijacking of the U.S. government, and the media. During that era, the Vietnam War was started on what amounted as a lie, but we didn't find out until some 58,000 good warriors were lost. Those of us who went to Nam, fought bravely, and to keep the threat of Communism from spreading. Little did we know that Communism was taking hold of our own government and schools, while we were gone. We learned then that according to the U.S. government that it was okay to abandon our allies, because the tide of public opinion at home had turned against the war. During that era, we were all flabbergasted that Nixon would lie to the American people, and so we impeached him. But that didn't stop the tolerance for decay, President Carter rewarded draft dodgers with amnesty for their cowardice, and at the same time, the words "Peace with Honor" were still ringing in my head. Those of us who were there, knew there was NO honor in our withdrawal from Vietnam.
Time, always marches on, and so does the degradation of our once great society. Remember when Nixon lied, America was appalled, but then comes President Bill Clinton, he lied on TV speaking to millions of Americans, and like Nixon he was caught, but because of the slow deterioration of morality in America, he was given excuses. There were even those who said they can understand his infidelity. How's that for a slap in face of honesty, integrity and morality? Oh yes my friends, the devil has been at work in America for a long, long time! Think about it, when was the first time you heard the phrase "New World Order"? That's right, George Bush Sr.. Not to many folks paid attention to it then, but the Progressive wheels were turning both in Washington, D.C., and around the world. Let's jump forward a few administrations to see where we are now: Same sex marriage, open gay military, political correctness, the Bible contains hate speech all of a sudden, all children are winners, even if they lose. Muslims attacked American soil murdering 3,000 innocent men women and children, but America must tolerate their hateful beliefs, all in the name of political correctness. 10 % unemployment, bankrupt states, can't drill for oil, but America pays foreign nations to drill where we could and should be drilling. Global warming scams, Mosques in every major city in America preaching the killing of Jews and Christians, American citizens who have no sense of values and no principles. Kiddie porn is the fastest growing business on the Internet. Where are the parents, the teachers, the leaders of the people? They are into themselves, and they can not be found, because they have lost their way. God being removed from our public places, oh yes my friends, we are becoming a nation of Godless, and God is not happy.
America, the one time lighthouse of the world, the beacon of freedom, and charity and honesty, and refuge from the storm. When did America turn from melting pot to cess pool? When did we become a nation of takers instead of givers, complainers instead of doers? When did we become a nation of people who would prefer the government feed us, clothe us, house us, and allow government to teach our children what parents should be teaching? When we turned away from God, that's when! America turned from light to dark right before our eyes, and the worst is yet to come unless, we turn back to God and repent of our wicked ways, and seek His face, that He may hear from heaven and heal our land.
God Help Us
"The Watchman".

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