Wednesday, August 25, 2010


August 24, 2010: Perhaps one of the most inane comments coming from Vice President Joe Biden. Considering the fact that "Joe" spends most of his waking hours with a size 10 shoe tickling the roof of his mouth, his statement regarding the state of the nation yesterday was even more ridiculous. I quote: " America is heading in the right direction." Yep, that's what he said!!!
Does anyone remember when the American assault on Iraq began? We were all sitting on the edge of our seats watching the war happen... Do you remember the Iraq Defense Minister coming on Iraqi TV telling the world and the Iraqi people that Saddam's Army was repelling and defeating the Americans at all points along the front lines? He would make his announcements every few hours from different locations he was running too. Meanwhile, the American Marine and Army forces were spending more time looking for the opposing forces, than fighting them. This Iraqi Defense Minister knew full well that Baghdad was falling to the American troops, and that his entire world as he knew it, was going to change forever. That didn't deter him from broadcasting his victory over America propaganda message. Even as the American troops were at his doorstep, he just kept saying to the Iraqi people that there was no reason to fear the Americans, because they were being defeated on all fronts. While I was watching this guy make a fool of himself, because I knew the truth about what was happening there. I thought to myself, "how pathetic and desperate this man must feel." In my mind's eye, yesterday, Joe Biden was that Defense Minister. Joe Biden was telling the American people that this country was heading in the right direction, knowing full well, that DOWN is not the right direction. Was Joe lying to the people, or was he making a feeble attempt at bolstering the morale of his troops? After all, it is obvious that at least 80% of the American people, both democrats and republicans are aware that America as a nation, is faltering, and that Barack Obama and his Socialist policies, are the main contributing factor.
The question however, does Joe Biden even realize that this country is financially doomed, morally corrupt, and sinking like a rock, a big, big rock? Can the Vice President, the second in command actually be so mentally defective as to not see the true state of this nation? Or, is Joe Biden just as good at lying to the American people as his boss is? When Barack Obama opens his mouth, everyone knows that a lie is about to be told, but as for Joe Biden, I just don't know. Maybe that's giving Joe a pass, perhaps it's true what they say, "ignorance is bliss"...
At any rate, regardless of what Joe Biden tells us, the country is in a nose dive. If you're in an airplane, and both engines have stopped running, and the plane is pointed nose down, with no chance of coming out of the dive prior to impact, common sense will tell you that your plane is NOT heading in the right direction!!! I need to stress this each time I write, and that is, none of this is happening by accident, none of it! The plans are well laid by the left, and have been for years, the only way to a one world order, is to bring about the demise of American capitalism, and to remove God from the minds and lives of the American people. Then, and only then can the "fundamental transformation of America" be realized. No America, our President is NOT inept, or ignorant, or stupid. Barack Obama is diabolically intelligent, and he is loyal to Allah, and he is so good at lying, that left actually thinks that Barack is on their side.
It should be pretty plain by now to see where America, and it's people are positioned. We are fighting against some insurmountable odds. Islam and the elite far left extremists are both working toward the same goal. Islam wants to make Sharia Law dominant over the world, and the far left wants to rule and control the worlds power and people. Today, both the Left and Islam appear to be working hand in hand toward the same end. But, the end is not going to be the same, when the dust settles, Islam and the Far Left extremists will have to battle one another for the ultimate Total Control. Where does that leave us, "We The People"? Will we all be left existing in densely populated "human settlements" totally dependent on government, for food and shelter, or will we be slaves too Islamic global rule? We are, if nothing else at the most serious crossroads of our very existence, can we save ourselves through the political process? Are we a doomed society, that will someday be erased from history, by a future generation of "World Citizens? I believe that "tolerance" and political correctness are the two main vehicles that have brought America to this juncture. A return to God and morality are the only things that can keep this country, this world, from falling into the precipice of no return.
Our children and grandchildren are the targets of both the Godless Left, and the Allah worshipping Islamic State. They are both in obvious agreement that the way to conquer America, is to do it quietly, stealthily and systematically through the education of this nation's youth.
" All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind, have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." (Aristotle)

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