Monday, August 23, 2010

Return To The Global Agenda

If the above two cats look like they just swallowed the canary, they have!!!

Now that Barack Obama has signed Executive Order # 13547 creating the National Ocean Council, he has opened the door for controls of our ocean shorelines, and the shorelines of the Great Lakes, to the rule by the United Nations. No longer are our beaches and shores the sovereign territory of the United States, and even those owning private property along this nations oceans and lakes, are subject to those same rules as set forth in the United Nations Agenda 21. Rather than try to somehow explain this massive Global takeover to you, I recommend you research this on your own.
Please read:

If that link doesn't work for some reason, just search United Nation, and search their website by inserting "Agenda21". Believe me, that's all you'll need.
There are at least 22 chapters, not sure how many pages, but you can read on and on, and on. Each chapter will show you what our past presidents and our current president has done to the sovereignty of America, and to your Unalienable Rights. When the United Nations is through implementing Agenda, America will be about as Orwellian as ever predicted, and then some.

Those two cats in the above picture have in fact swallowed the canary, our liberty and our freedom has been eaten, and what wasn't devoured, has been sold to the UN.

After reading and researching since 4:00AM, I am simply sickened by what I've found. Tomorrow will be another day.


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