Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's The Difference? Is There A Difference? YES THERE IS!!!

If it were up to me, the following would be placed in effect immediately. To stem, or curb the flight of illegals from any country into America, it is necessary to cut the supply line that enables the mass immigration!!! ILLEGAL: Prohibited by Law (adj.)

ALIEN: One who owes allegiance to another country or government. (adj.)

USURP: Hold by force and without legal authority (verb).

INSURRECTION: The act of open revolt against civil authority or a constituted government (noun).

The very word "Illegal" is self-evident in definition. It needs to be understood that trespassing into this country, in and of itself, is the commission of an illegal act, a crime, as it were. It is prohibited by law. It also needs to be understood what the word "Alien" means. It means that you, as a trespasser from any other country, are on American soil. If your allegiance is to your country of origin, you are in fact an "illegal alien". You do not under any circumstances have legal rights under the law. If you come across the border, from any country, without the express permission of the people of the United States of America, you are by definition a criminal, as you have in fact broken the law. As an illegal alien, you are solely responsible for your actions, and consequences resulting from your actions. The citizens of the USA, are not, in any way shape or form responsible for the health, education or welfare of you or your family. You, as an "Illegal Alien", are a lawbreaker, and you are in no way entitled to any social entitlement programs of the USA.
Let it be understood, that if an American citizen renders aid, and or comfort to a criminal law breaker, i.e. "Illegal Alien", that citizen should, and will be guilty of aiding and abetting. Aiding and abetting, i.e., hiring, clothing, feeding, rendering anything other than minor medical care, or housing of an Illegal Alien, is punishable under the same laws that encompass the rendering of aid and comfort to the enemy as in time of war. The punishment for this crime should swift, and severe, to the perpetrator.
It needs to be understood, that there are NO innocent Illegal Aliens. The very fact that you had to sneak across the border into the USA is enough for you to know that it is wrong, and it is of course your responsibility to know, that if you have to hide what you are doing, then you are breaking the law.
No American citizen, business, company, or church will be exempt from the aiding and abetting law.

The United States is a nation of laws, not people. There is no social justice here, only equal justice. Laws, are laws, period. These laws are not meant to be mean spirited, but they are meant to be enforced equally upon all people within these borders, whether legally, or illegally. The laws of this country were established to preserve the integrity of America, and to protect it's citizens, and to preserve the freedom and liberty that comes from our Democratic Republic.
The United States of America can not, and will not tolerate the insurrection of usurpers from other countries. The right to protest, is not yours if you are here illegally. You will not tell the American people what to do, and or when to do it. The American people will not be forced to strike our colors, if you are here, illegally, or legally for that matter, and our colors offend you, you are free to leave this country, give up your citizenship if you have it, go back to your country of origin, and protest there. America has a long history, and we will not abandon that history for the sake of appeasement of criminals from other lands. When you become a citizen of the United States of America, when you learn to speak the English language, when you abandon your allegiance to your former country, then, and only then will you have the right to protest.

Yes, there is a difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and social justice, and equal justice.

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