Monday, May 10, 2010

And We Thought Montezuma's Revenge Was Just; pain, fever, and diarrhea.

I am seeing our country being taken over by Muslims, and Mexicans at the same time. Who would have ever thought that Americans would be ceding our laws to Islam? Who ever thought that American citizen high school students would told to strike our national colors, because they are offensive to Mexicans on Cinco-de-Mayo, a Mexican National Holiday. Is this not still the U.S. of A.? Perhaps not!!!

More and more, America is becoming less and less recognizable. We are being invaded by Muslims, and Mexicans at the same time, and our leaders in Washington, D.C. are accepting the invasion as though nothing is happening. As in the old sit-com "The Life of Riley" Riley would say; "What a revoltin' development!!!"

I wish I had solutions for this impending civil war. I can only predict, that it's not going to be pretty. We have invited our enemies into our home, treated them as friends, and now their true colors are coming to the surface. The Mexicans do not want to be Americans, neither do the Muslims. The Mexicans in the country are loyal to Mexico, and the Muslims are loyal only to Allah. The Mexicans are talking revolution right here in America, because they've been taught for the past thirty years that America stole the entire Southwest from New Mexico to California from Mexico. Now they want it back. I guess feeding these immigrants both legal and illegal is not enough. We now give them free health care, food stamps, social security benefits they never contributed too, and now they want us to give up the entire Southwest to them. Muslim's on the other hand, aren't going to assimilate because that was never their intention. They do however want to take over and rule the entire western world, and they are starting with America. Our President is ready, willing and able to pacify, and appease our enemies, he doesn't even call our enemies by their names. I find no solace, or faith in our government. I fear that the United States of America is no more. God Help Us.

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