Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obama backs Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero - Jihad Watch

CAN YOU PICK THE TRUE MUSLIM??? The answer is both men!!!
Well America, I've been saying for a couple of years now. Is Obama a Muslim? The answer is, yes he is. We have a president who can quote the Qu'ran from memory with more eloquence than an Imam. How could a man who professes to be Christian be able to do that? Better yet, WHY would a Christian man want to be able to do that?
Did anyone in America really have any doubt as to where Obama would stand on this Cordoba House Mosque in Manhattan? I didn't!!! There was no question that Obama, and his fellow Muslims would use the Freedom of Religion statute to get this done. Muslims in America will always use our own laws of freedom and liberty to further their agenda. They will insist that American Christians and Jews be tolerant of Islam. Of course there is NO tolerance in Islam for any religion other than Islam.
I don't know how anyone in America can read the Qu'ran as I have, and come away with the conclusion; "now there's a peaceful religion if I ever saw one." Impossible to do. One must understand, in Islam, the Qu'ran's early writings are superseded by Mohammed's later writings. The violent, whacko, barbaric stuff, in the second half of the Qu'ran is what the Muslims follow, as ordered by Mohammad. When Muslims, like Barack Obama say that Islam is a peaceful religion, he is in essence telling the half- truth, at least from the early teaching, before Mohammad became a pedophile, and a maniacal lunatic. Make no mistake, there are a couple of peaceful passages in the Qu'ran, but when you read it from front to back, Islam is anything but a peaceful religion.
Because the Qu'ran teaches that it is acceptable to lie as long as it benefits Allah, and Islam, people like Obama and other Muslims can not be trusted. You see, when a Muslim is speaking to and Infidel (that's us), he can lie through his teeth, but according to Mohammad it's not really lying at all, because we are Infidels. If you're taking the Qu'ran believing Muslim neighbor, at his non-violent word, well... you may just as well hand him the sword that he'll use to behead you and your family, when the Fatwa comes down.
If there is any doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim, and being Christian was just another in an endless plethora of lies he tells to further the agenda of Allah. Then I really don't know what it will take to convince you. Take my word for it though, one day, just as everyone will believe in Christ as our saviour, Americans will come to the realization that the United States of Islam wasn't that far fetched, after all. Nothing lights up a skyline like a Mega-Mosque...
A little food for thought, Muslims are peaceful and holy right? Why were there two complete Divisions of Muslims in Hitler's Army? Perhaps, they just loved those snappy uniforms, or could it be that Hitler was killing Jews, and well...the Muslims just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get in on the action. I'll go with the latter explanation.

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