Monday, August 9, 2010


"Hey Michelle and Barry, I've got several friends that need consoling, could you possibly send me about $375,000.00 of taxpayer money. I won't even go to Spain, I'll just take them all to the Gulf Coast, for 4 nights at the most expensive 5 star Hotel I can find. Oh, and, Michelle, I'm sure you can suggest a 5 star that has say 30 rooms to book. After all, if you can find a posh resort hotel in New Orleans, like the one you found in Spain. I'm sure my friends will come away feeling much better."
"This First Couple Could Replace Ipecac Syrup"

I'm hearing rumors from the White House that Barack has found another way to save all of us from ourselves. He's got Pathetic Pelosi reconvening the House to get a 26 billion dollar stimulus bill passed, to save the jobs of teachers, firefighters, and police. Then Barack is seriously thinking about bailing out all the under-water mortgages in the country, to the tune of 800 billion more dollars. Isn't that sweet of him. I'm not sure why the administration needs an additional 26 billion for the teachers, etc., after all, from my calculations there should be approximately 421 billion dollars still available in the original stimulus package. Maybe Obama needs to hold back that extra stimulus cash for his spendthrift wife. Michelle spends other peoples money, faster than Barack can collect the taxes, she really makes Emelda Marcos and Oprah Winfrey look like pikers. (At least Oprah spends her own money.) I'm sure Michelle will need that added dough to stuff the pockets of the designer coat she ordered from the London boutique. It's no wonder Barack is asking the rest of the nation to sacrifice in these difficult financial times, he'll need any extra money we save, to pay the bills Michelle is running up. I hope the children of America are learning from this lesson in frugality that their President and First Lady are showing them. Wasn't it Barack Obama that said "this should be a teachable moment." If you are an American parent, I strongly urge you to teach your kids, that the example of the First Family is not reality.
Overloading the system, as Glenn Beck pointed out, is the typical Cloward & Piven tactics, they spelled it out, and Barack Obama is following their advice to the "T". As they said you can't completely transform America, until you completely cause the current system to collapse, implode if you will, under the weight of massive unsustainable entitlement debt. When Barack Obama said: "We are just five days away from fundamentally transforming America", he meant just that. Barack Obama knows that he will be a ONE TERM President, he resigned himself to that fact, prior to his inauguration. My question is this: Has he resigned himself to being a one term president and then slipping off into the sunset with his Billions, or is there something even more diabolical and sinister in this man's mind? Will he be happy with just destroying the American economy, or does he plan on ruling the world as the up and coming dictator of the One World Order? Will there actually be a free presidential election in 2012? It is my opinion, and my opinion alone that Barack Hussein Obama has no plans on running for re-election in 2012, as his plans are void of a Presidential election in 2012. Will there even be a "President of the United States of America" in 2013, will there even be a "United States of America" in 2013?
These are the questions we should all be asking ourselves, and each other. Look at the facts; Social Security is broke, Medicare is broke, Medicaid is broke, industry in America is only 60% of what it was even 10 years ago. Statistics tell us that at least 40% of Americans are on at least one type of government assistance. America went beyond the threshold just a few months ago, where we are no longer a manufacturing nation, but by over 50%, we are a nation of consumers. How sustainable can that be? It isn't sustainable!!! No manufacturing=no jobs=no income=no money to spend=no consuming=failed businesses=a nation of poverty stricken, government dependent citizens. The icing on the cake, NO MONEY, NO TAXPAYERS, NO GOVERNMENT SUSTAINABILITY...That's correct America, we will be at the mercy of the rest of the world. Countries like China, Japan, and Russia, will invade us like ants at a picnic, dividing up the spoils. Barack Obama, and his minions are in the process of borrowing every penny they can, and one day, our debt will have to be repaid. Make no mistake America, this scenario is playing out as sure as you are reading this Blog post.
Can we slow this down, yes we can, can we stop it from happening, I don't know, it may be too late already. This November there is an election, and as Americans we can band together and elect only those men and women that hold to this country's original constitutional principles, and to our conservative Christian values, upon which this great nation was founded. Without God's help, we a doomed. Without God's help we literally, haven't a prayer. Vote this November, the country you save, will be your own!!!!

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