Thursday, July 15, 2010

The First Time Robert Gibbs Tells The Truth

Robert Gibbs: " There is a good possibility that Dems could lose both the House and the Senate majorities in November."

The first time since being named White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs speaks the truth, and Nancy Pelosi and his other fellow Progressives excoriate him for it. This makes me want to ask the question: Don't you know the truth hurts? The Democrat Party has been infiltrated, and hijacked for so long, when one of them actually lets the truth slip out, their ears burn, and their heads explode. This Democrat Party may as well just change their name to the Progressive Communist Party of America. I would venture to say that there isn't more than a half dozen real Democrats left on the Beltway. The pot smokin', coke snortin', LSD poppin' liberals of the sixties are in control of the what's left of the Democrat Party, and what's even scarier, they are now in control of America's government. From Barack Obama on down, these Saul Alinsky worshipping Progressive home grown terrorists like Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground, and Bernardine Dorhn of the SDS, are usurping power and shredding the U.S. Constitution at every turn. There is nothing sacred in Washington, D.C. anymore. These far left nutjobs have been lying to the people, and to themselves for so long, that they actually believe that the American people will sit still and allow them to shove a Socialist Communist agenda down our throats.

Wake up America, the Islamic World is anxiously awaiting our fall. Barack Obama is using the Progressives to further the cause of Islam in America. Look at Europe, and the Netherlands if you think I am overstating the Islamic threat to America. Already, the UK has several Sharia law courts. No more is there one set of laws for everyone. Islam wants to rule the entire world, and Barack Hussein Obama is helping it happen. By using Saul Alinsky's model, "Rules For Radicals", the Qur'an, and and the system outlined by Cloward & Piven, Obama has managed in only two years to: Tell the world that America is not a Christian nation, change the name of Islamic Terrorist's to "misunderstanders" of Islam, overload every government entitlement program, triple the national debt, expand the war in Afghanistan, cause a huge rift between blacks and whites, exacerbate the porousness of America's borders, turn a blind eye to Islamic homegrown terror. He has destroyed and taken over the Auto Industry, the Banking Industry, the Home and Student Loan Industries. He has made the U.S. government the largest employer in America. He has facilitated and endorsed abortion on demand. And, guess what? He still has two years to go. He is not finished, no sir, not by any sense of the word.

It is imperative that this would-be dictator be stopped, and stopped hard in his tracks this November. Get out and vote for a conservative, with good Christian morals, and a healthy respect for our Constitution. November!!!! It's America's Last Stand!!!

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