Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Commandment #8: Thou shalt not steal. Steal: To take another persons property without right, or permission.
Commandment#10: Thou shalt not covet: To want ardently, something another person has.

The evening of Sunday last, I and my wife sat quietly in church, while a guest pastor from a local Hispanic Mission Church spoke to our congregation about the plight of his mission, and of his Hispanic congregation. Our congregation was shown a video/slide show of the Hispanic Church's efforts, including pictures of weekly Bible Studies in the various homes of his Hispanic members. This Pastor was a very likable Brazilian gentlemen, whose heart I'm sure is in the right place. In a matter of a few minutes, this Hispanic Pastor had our mostly Caucasian, with an exception of just a few folks of Spanish descent, well, to say the least, he had our undivided attention. His pleas for prayer, had a few people in tears. He was pleading for help to locate a building of their own, in which to hold Hispanic church services. I guess that is what really piqued my curiosity. I just had to ask him, why they needed a church building of their own, when our beautiful new church building, was half empty even on a busy Sunday morning, and more than three quarters empty for the Sunday evening service? I followed up with a question about whether or not their church was encouraging the speaking of the English language, as this is America, and English is spoken here? I believe he was prepared for someone in our church to ask those very questions, because his answer seemed plausible, at least until you had a few moments to think his answers over. He answered that the church building would only be temporary while he was helping to assimilate these "Spanish only" speaking members into an English speaking society. It was a great answer, but his explanation went on to include, "we are working with immigration attorneys", and all of a sudden, a big bright light bulb went on in my head. I came to the realization that the Hispanic pastor was in actuality, being somewhat disingenuous by not revealing the truth in it's entirety. It became obvious that the Hispanic church was in fact harboring, aiding and abetting illegal aliens. If they were all legal, there would be no need to work with immigration attorneys. So you see, these people really do want to have their own building, because they want to continue to speak their native Spanish, and they, in actuality do not want to be integrated into an English speaking society, but they do want our English speaking American citizens to pay for their intentional segregation.
Other than the fact that most people of Spanish descent are religiously affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, and this particular Hispanic mission church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, it became apparent that the bottom line goal was to convert the Hispanics from Catholic to Baptist. Of course, there are several denominations competing for these millions of Hispanics coming across the border. While all the Protestant denominations are trying to convert these Catholics, the Catholic church is trying to hang on to them for dear life. The winner here, will of course grow their numbers by millions, and when all is said and done, it is a numbers game, isn't it? Is the salvation of these people's souls involved here? Of course they are, but let's give this some real thought, shall we? Encouraging sin, is not the way to teach the salvation message.
From a strictly Biblical standpoint, Hispanic Mission Churches are encouraging the breaking of the eighth and tenth Commandments. By encouraging illegal aliens to come across the border into America without permission, is encouraging them to steal from the American citizen, benefits that Americans fought, died, and have been paying for many many years. Yet the Hispanics and their leaders, whether religious or secular are aiding the pilferage of these citizen earned benefits. Through the covetous nature of their reasoning, the Hispanic illegals are somehow trying to justify their illegal actions, beginning with crossing the border without permission, which by the way is an illegal act, punishable by law in America, and even more severely in Mexico. Biblically speaking, both coveting, and stealing are against God's laws. Preachers, Pastors, Priests, and Christians as a whole who support the harboring of illegal aliens are equally as guilty of breaking these commandments, as the illegals themselves. Stealing, and coveting are wrong, and sinful, even if it is done in what may perceived as in "good conscience." Priests, and Pastors, if you are enabling Spanish speaking churches, if you are helping illegal immigrant trespassers to gain monetary, and social benefits that are NOT rightly theirs, then you are stealing from the very people who attend your church.
We live in a nation that has been blessed by God, we are a nation of laws, not of people. To remain great, our laws must be enforced without impunity. Laws must be applied to everyone equally, regardless of race, creed, or color. Those who break the law, and those who aid the lawbreaker, are equally as guilty and need to be punished accordingly. The Lord will deal with the sinners in the end, but for America to function, as one nation under God, our laws must be enforced.
I will not feign righteousness more than the next man, but in order to keep to my moral values, and my Christian principles, and in an attempt to keep my integrity in tact, I can not in good conscience support Spanish speaking ministries, or any other language in America. It is my belief that America is English speaking, and those that come here, need to learn English. It is also my belief that those who come to this country are required to become American, and can not be loyal to any other country or flag. A country, not even one as strong as America can stand when it's inhabitants are loyal to foreign entities. I believe that Islam is a great threat to the United States of America, I believe that tolerance of any people or religion that refuses to assimilate and respect the laws and rights of the American citizen, are not welcome here. If you want to remain Mexican, Brazilian, Arab, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, stay in your respective native land. If you want to be an American, you are welcome here, if you come legally, and understand that what you receive from this freedom oriented society, will be no more than what you are willing to earn. In America, you have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No American citizen owes you anything. America is the great melting pot, it is what made us who we are. The word melt, is key. If you don't wish to melt, do not jump into the pot!!!

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