Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Muslim Students Declare Trinity University’s ‘Year Of Our Lord’ Must Go

Is this a pure example of Islamic Infiltration, or what? Look, .6% of the students at Trinity University are Islamic, and they want to have "Year of Our Lord" removed from diplomas. My suggestion is; remove any Islamic student who takes exception to the fore-mentioned terminology. That's right, kick them out on their Muslim butts. As Christians, it is not our obligation to bend to the will of false God religions. If there ever was a false God religion, Islam is the one! As stated, Trinity University is not a religious school, but it was founded by Christians, it was named after the Holy Trinity, and it's persuasion was not clandestine and hidden from Muslim students who wished to attend. Obviously, if these Islamic students just first now realized that the school is in fact named "Trinity", and that it must have been named that for a reason, then I think that the student's application for acceptance, and their previous grades submitted for entrance, be at the very least re-evaluated. If I were a Dean of Trinity University, I'm assure you that I would be questioning the basic intellectual skills of these Muslim students. Perhaps, they really don't deserve that diploma after all, what do you think?

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