Sunday, April 4, 2010

Islam: Making a True Difference in the World - One Body at a Time

Dateline: The Month of March, 2010
If you still think Islam is the Religion of Peace, as our President Obama touts them to be. Why is it they do not show peaceful example? The above statistics, are just for the month of March, 2010. If you are curious, click on the link above, and see what the total is so far in 2010, you'll be astounded, and disgusted at the same time.
I hear our President Obama referring to the Qu'ran as holy. I have a copy of the "Holy Qu'ran", it is anything but peaceful and holy. Believe me, if Satan isn't the founder of Islam, I have no idea where the evil comes from. But, evil is alive and well amongst the Muslim Faithful.
The governments of the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, even New Zealand and closer to home, Canada have tried in vain to assimilate Muslims into their populations. No, it's not working, contrary to what you might hear in the main stream media. In New Zealand, a Muslim 16 year old girl was beaten and raped, so, she is forced by her family to marry her rapist. This my friends is Sharia Law, the law of Islam. Why is there Sharia Law in New Zealand? Because the infiltration of Muslims in that country, is overwhelming, and Muslim's refuse to abide by any man-made law of the civilized world. The New Zealand officials say the Muslim's in their community can not be controlled. They live and rule in their own areas, and do not accept any outside interference. The same thing is happening in all other parts of the world where Islam is migrating. Oh yes, my friends, unless they are stopped, Sharia Law in America will come to a neighborhood near you, that is if it hasn't happened already.
Since 9/11, Islamic terrorists have carried out 15,090 deadly attacks, all in the name of Allah. You shouldn't be to surprised to know that the bulk of these attacks, are on their own people. I ask you, plain and simple, if Muslims can't have peace with other Muslims, what makes you think they will want peace with Christians, and Jews, and Atheists, and Gays, and Agnostics? Islam can not and will not, by order of Allah assimilate to anyone or anything that is not bowing to Allah. Allah's words, not mine!!!
Today is Easter Sunday, our Lord, the One and Only Saviour of the world is risen today. We celebrate because Jesus conquered death. He overcame the grave so that all who believe on Him will have everlasting life. Jesus died to save all mankind, yes, even Muslims. But Jesus said: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Me. Allah, is not the same God we Christian's worship, not by a long shot, and don't be misled by Muslim Imams that preach the very thing. Our Lord is the Lord of Peace, and Love. Our Lord does not condone senseless murders of innocent people to further His acceptance. Remember, Islam is the world's fastest growing religion, why, I do not know. It is our obligation as Christian adults to teach our children about Jesus. We can not allow Islam into our children's schools. Be very vigilant, and very aware of what your children and grand children are being taught.

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