Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It appears that the left is still trying to convince Americans that Islam is some kind of peaceful religion. According to Barack Obama, Islam is some great and holy religion that is only concerned with prayer to Allah, and peaceful co-existence with the rest of the world. At the risk of being politically incorrect, Islam will never settle for living peacefully with any other faith, as they feel any other faith are infidels, non-believers, and need to be converted or eradicated. Here are a couple of facts, that people need to know about Islam. It is especially important information for left-leaning socialists, and appeasers. F.Y.I., Barack Obama already knows these facts.
1. Separation of church and state: This works okay for us, but for Islam, church and state are one in the same. Muslim's will have it no other way. Sharia Law, is law of Islam, it is the belief of Islam that the law is sacred and is dictated by the Koran. In their eyes and culture man does not make laws, but follows the law of Mohamed, and of course Allah. Suffice to say, Koran believing Muslims can not, and will not abide by any law that hasn't come from Koran. They may pretend to be law-abiding citizens in America, but on the inside they are believers in Sharia Law, and nothing else. Know also, it is justifiable to lie, if it is for the glory of Allah. (That makes lying some kind of special and blessed thing, now that's what I call a religion.) It is the Muslim goal to have Sharia wherever they live, and believe there is no other law above Sharia. Even as I write this, Muslims in the UK are pushing for Sharia Law to be implemented. God help the Brits if that happens.
2. On 9/11, America was attacked by terrorist hijackers, intent on killing innocent citizens: In the eyes of Islam, America was attacked by deeply religious men whose goal was to change American Foreign policy in the Middle East. No more, no less. In the Middle East, as well as in Muslim Communities here in the United States, these terrorist were praised and celebrated for their heroic actions in the name of Allah. (No doubt, that was the peaceful Allah that Obama keeps touting.)
3. The closing of the GITMO detainment center will improve America's image in the minds of Islamic terrorists, and they will subsequently no longer want to hurt Americans: Nothing, absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. Terrorist attacks against Americans and our holdings, is exactly why GITMO was created. This is why Islamic terrorists are being held there in the first place. Islamic terrorists see the closing of GITMO as weak, and, truth be known, it is weak. It affirms to the terrorists that regardless of what they do to Americans, Jews, Christians, and or any of a number Infidels, they will be appeased by weak, spineless, and Godless people like Barack Obama, and his cabinet. Believe me, Islamic terrorists do NOT respect Obama for his obvious abandonment of God. Appeasement does nothing but embolden an enemy. Unfortunately, that's what our duly elected administration is doing. One day, probably in the not too distant future, America will pay dearly for this weakness.
These are but three significant differences between the Western world, and the Middle Eastern world, there are many. We can not change the beliefs of a thousand years of brainwashing. Know that Muslim's do not want to become Americans. They do not wish to become Christian, or Protestants. They do however, want us Infidels to become followers of Islam. It is their goal to make this happen in the name of Mohamed and Allah. They are more than willing to sacrifice their lives for this sacred mission.
The question is: Are we Christians willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for Jesus, who sacrificed for us? Will we chose death by choosing Christ over Allah, should the time come??? WILL WE????
Pray for the conversion of Islam, and the Holy Spirit's conviction of America's leaders.

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