Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Wisdom Of The Progressives

Once again, I respectfully request to have an allowable amount of time to stick my head in my butt, so that I can see things from the Progressive point of view. To be more blunt, if that's possible, may I ask, John Kerry, are you for real? Can anyone be as two-faced, or as half-witted as you are? In an article in the Wall Street Journal, John Kerry said; "If former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had only deployed more troops eight years ago, that this war would now be unnecessary." Yes, that is what John Kerry said, "more troops"!!! If my memory serves me correctly, Senator Kerry was 100% against any conflict in 2001. Now, he says the Bush administration should have sent more troops to Afghanistan. I just don't understand where they get these politicians from. Where is John Kerry from, anyway? Is it Massachusetts? I think so. How many terms has he already served in the Senate? That's right, way too many!!! Him and John Murtha both, way too many years. I have a tough time understanding how these men continue to get re-elected. Do the people in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have a contest with each other, or what? Do the people of their two respective districts try to purposefully elect the man they know who will wreak as much havoc on our country as possible? Is there an I.Q. test in those states? Better yet, is there anyone in Kerry's and Murtha's district that know the meaning of the term "integrity"? I'm really beginning to pray that it's all a bad joke, and one day soon, we'll all awaken to a normal thinking Washington, D.C.. With politicians that pray, and the knowledge that life begins at conception is not above any of their pay grades. Where integrity, and honesty reigns supreme. Where, above all else, the truth prevails. I know, I'm dreaming, but, I ask you, wouldn't it be nice???

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