Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Did anyone else watch Obama's speech to the cadets at West Point last night? Did you notice that the Cadets were falling asleep, yeah, so did I. I was about ten minutes into it myself, when the yawns started coming like the last twenty minutes of contractions. Every two to three minutes, another yawn. Either Obama promoted his speech writer to a Czar position, or the guy just couldn't come up with anything enthusiastic about the Big Guys decision on the additional troop build up in Afghanistan.
Our president, as usual, did not mention the fact that the terrorists who brought down the World Trade Center Towers by crashing hijacked planes into them, were in fact Muslims, and or of the nation of Islam. He continues to spread false rumors that this country is not at war with Islam. In actuality, Islam is at war with us. Actually, Islam is at war with any country that is not of the Islamic Faith. I sincerely hope that that Obama's continued praise of Islam is not falling on deaf ears. This country, it's Christians, and it's atheists, and agnostics need to come together to defeat this common enemy. Regardless of what Obama purports, Islam is NOT a religion of peace, never has been, never will be. It is the goal of Islam, to rule the entire world, to convert every man, woman, and child to their faith, or eradicate them instead. Truly, Islam does leave the choice up to the individual. "Choose Allah, the head you save may be your own." That's how it works.
For those of you who think that Obama is doing the right thing by giving General McCrystal the troops he requested to do the job, think again. I applaud the Field Commanders of this country, mostly because they are dealing with an anti-American president. A president, that at best is inept as a Commander and Chief. Be it known that General McCrystal requested 60,000 troops, not 40,000 as the White House would have you believe. So, Obama is not 10,000 troops off, he is 30,000 troops off. It is Obama's intention to fight this war half-assed, just as he runs the country, the automakers, the banks, the mortgage companies, and the foreign policy of our nation. Remember however, this is all the Obama plan to bring the USA and capitalism to it's knees. He is NOT making mistakes, he is proceeding with his diabolical plan to tear this country down, and fundamentally rebuild it to his own Communist/Socialistic blueprints. Watch him, he's sneaky, he's always doing something behind the smoke he's throwing in our eyes.

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