Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:39, 39)

Take courage in knowing that the Lord will not abandon you, only you, can abandon the Lord. Our Federal Government appears to be ferocious in their attempts to make us abandon God. They want "In God We Trust" taken from our currency. They want the "Ten Commandments" removed from all government and public properties. Just exactly where do they think the morals, and laws were derived from? The Ten Commandments were the most profound and instrumental basis for determining right from wrong, ever written. Without adherence to the Ten Commandments, our country would not have prospered, or become the beacon or the support and the example to all nations that we are today. The Ten Commandments have always been the one crucial determining factor in the growth of this "Christian Nation".

So if the government wants the Lord removed, does that mean that if they are successful, then we can all expect mail delivery on Sundays, and Christmas, and Easter? Will it mean that Barack Obama won't be making a huge carbon footprint and using so much jet fuel to take his entire family to Hawaii for Christmas vacation, at the taxpayer's expense. If Christmas, and Easter, are deemed "just another day", will that mean our congress, and judiciary will be available, without paying overtime, because you don't pay overtime if holidays are not holidays anymore. Just think, Nancy Pelosi would have no reason to hurry home to California for Christmas, and she could just keep the House of Representatives in session. After all, I'm sure she would vote to have the Lord removed from America altogether. Think of how much money the government could save, if non-believers didn't get Christmas, or Easter off. For that matter, Sunday is a day set aside each week for Christians to Worship, and rest. Non-believers, well, maybe they could work those Sundays, sort of take up the slack, after all, to them Sunday would just be another day of the week. Atheists, would love that, they wouldn't be forced into taking a nasty religious holy day off at the end of each week. We could just save Sunday for Christian Believers. Maybe, just maybe, that would work. I kind of doubt it though, even atheists and government officials don't mind stealing time from Christians as long as they themselves gain from it.

Here's some food for thought: The Secretary of Homeland Security says that " Right now, we have no indication that Abdulmutallab's actions were part of anything larger." That's right, she was serious. Janet Napolitano, is either a complete and total inept dufus, or she thinks the American people are stupid enough to buy that? It never ceases to amaze me that we have a President, a Secretary of State, a Secretary of Defense, and a Secretary of Homeland Security, and none of them know who our enemies are. Personally, I think Obama knows, but he doesn't care, as he is our worst enemy, and we put him in charge. Thank God we didn't all vote for him. If we did, the entire nation would now be in a deep state of depression, as if financial depression isn't already bad enough.

God Help Us! Pray for the conversion of Islam, and for the Holy Spirit conviction of our government leaders...
P.S. Thank you "Anonymous" for your comment on yesterday's BLOG, your input is important to me, and I appreciate it very much. God Bless You, I pray your Christmas was a blessed one, my best to you for the coming New Year. ~Jer

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