Friday, October 16, 2009


110,000 Killed In Action
275,200 Wounded In Action
250,000 Dead due to exposure, illness resulting from wounds and malnutrition.
99% percent of these war causalities were white Americans fighting in the American Civil War to free black slaves from bondage.
Has anyone ever recognized these facts? Are all white Americans supposed to carry some kind of burden of guilt? I ask you this because, I for one, white American, am tired of being portrayed as a racist descendant of white slave owners. As far as I am concerned, DEBT PAID IN FULL! Yes there were approximately 600,000 blacks brought to this country on slave ships, and yes that was wrong, and repulsive. However, if the descendants of those black slaves were still living in Africa, would they be better off? I don't think they would. They would certainly not have more rights, than here in America, would they? Would they not be starving with the hundreds of millions of blacks in Africa? Now I know that slavery was wrong, and I don't think anyone, black, white, red, or yellow would defend slavery. Black people in this country have all the opportunities as whites, and in some cases more. There is no land, country anywhere in the world where the white population has done more for the black population, than right here in America. Since the 1960's untold trillions of dollars have been supported by white people for programs like: Welfare, food Stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell Grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, earned income tax credits, and numerous other poverty programs to bring the African-American community into and level with the mainstream. All these programs stemmed from "Affirmative Action" from the 1960's, for the betterment of black people in America. Shall I go on? Governments, businesses, and colleges have been forced to discriminate against white people through Affirmative action setting quotas in contracts, and having to place black applicants ahead of white, regardless of qualifications. Thousands of Churches, civic groups, schools and individuals all over the United States have donated time, and money to support soup kitchens, adult education classes, day care facilities, and nursing homes for the black population. Why is it, that I always hear complaints from black civic leaders, and no thank yous? Not one! Prior to the 1960's I will admit that black people were discriminated against, I know, I was born in Chicago in 1949. My two best friends were Woody and Billy, both were black. I saw the discrimination first hand. But understand this, I and my family never discriminated against any one, ever! I carry no guilt. Since the 1960's however, all black students have had the same rights to education as white students, in some cases, more rights. I can't help the fact that more black students drop out of school than white kids. I think I can shed some light on the reason though. How about the black community leaders constantly telling blacks that they are oppressed. How about the failure of black leaders to encourage black students to stay in school. All I ever hear from black leaders is that white people are the cause of all their problems, and whites need to give the blacks more entitlements. I think the white community's real failure, was giving the black community too many entitlements in the first place. We, as whites have literally given so much, for so long, that the poor blacks feel they are entitled to a free ride. Where I live there are "Project Housing complexes", living in those housing projects, are 3 generations of families. Grandma and Grandpa got into the Projects in the 1960's, then their sons and daughters, and now their grand children are living on the free government ride in the projects. We all know this is a fact throughout the nation where there are Project Housings. The entire reason for this is, there is NO incentive for Project People to better themselves, it is much to easy to live off someone else's hard earned money. Entitlements have done nothing for the advancement of Black people in this country, except keep them down.
Suffice to say, I feel no guilt, I owe no black or any other minority a single solitary dime. There is only one reason for failure in the black community, and that is the black community itself. I do not need Barack Obama telling me what the White People need to do to heal the racial rift in this nation, it is time for the Black People to begin to heal on their own. For a president who was supposed to unite this country, no single man has done more to divide this nation than Barack Hussein Obama. I don't want to hear it anymore Barack, white people are not the cause of black poverty, black violence, or black illiteracy. I suppose I could expect nothing else from a president who blames everything on everyone else, and takes no responsibility for anything he himself has done. Remember, it was entitlements that put you and you wife through school, without those entitlements supported by the White community, you wouldn't be where you are today. How about a simple "thank you"?

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