Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Height of Arrogance

Has anyone ever seen the actual "face of arrogance"? Well, here it is for all to see. This man is a would be dictator, there is no doubt. It is his soul ambition to shove as much socialism down the throats of the American people as he can in four years time. He scoffs at the fact that this nation is a Christian Nation. He apologises to every country, and especially to Islamic countries for America's arrogance, I ask you, to look at his face again. It is no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama, will, and is transforming America into a Socialist, third world country. Under his orders, the US Mint is printing money 24/7. The money has NO value. The US dollar is dropping like a rock, and the more Obama circulates, the deeper the drop. The bottom line my fellow Americans, he doesn't care what you think, and he never will. He will destroy this country, he will usurp your freedom of speech, he will take away your liberty, and he will burden your children and their children with a debt they cannot pay. If you disagree with him, he will call you racist. I am at the point where, if Obama calls me a racist, I will wear that title as a badge of honor. If Obama doesn't like what I am doing, or writing, then, I must be doing something right and good. GOD HELP THIS NATION.

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