Thursday, February 6, 2014

What you won’t hear during Black History Month

                        What you won’t hear during Black History Month

I read this man's email, and I felt that I should pass it along.  This is of course "Black History Month".  However, it should rightly be a month of truthfulness, not a month of made up or embellished political correct tripe and propaganda.
  My only input is this fact:  The Civil War claimed the lives of 596,670 Northern soldiers who died for one goal, the freeing of Black Slaves and the abolishment of slavery in America.  Of the 596,670 Northern soldiers who died, 85,000 were Black, the rest were White.  In my book the debt to Black Americans has been paid in full, with blood and treasure right here on American soil.  It is time for Americans who happen to be Black to move beyond the victim and relish the victory that so many Northern soldiers died to gain.  Oh, and one more thing the Northern Army and President Lincoln were predominantly Conservative Republican.
  Try to remember that the next time an election takes place.  Do not vote according to color, but instead according the character.
Enjoy this article.
The Watchman

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