Monday, June 3, 2013

Calling for Genocide In Your Neighborhood | Human Events

                 Calling for Genocide In Your Neighborhood | Human Events
Islam and American Society can not co-exist, as Islam co-exists with no one.
If Islam is allowed continued proliferation in America, free speech and liberty will be a thing of the past. 
Read the article to which I have provided a link.  It is imperative that every American citizen realize that with the proliferation of Islam, there will also be proliferation of Sharia law. 
Many of the articles I have written on this blog will be found offensive to Muslims.  I say:  "If the truth be found offensive, then so be it.  As the truth is what it is, the truth has no agenda, it is simply the truth."
Allah is not God, and Islam is not a religion of peace, Muslims have proven this fact over and over again, by their own barbaric and violent behavior.  Perhaps we can be ordered to tolerate those who hate us, but we cannot be made to tolerate those who have no tolerance for us.  Islam has no tolerance for anyone that is a non-believer or as they call us "infidels".  Be aware of what is taking place in Manchester, Tennessee tomorrow the 4th of June, year of our Lord 2013.  Free speech hangs in the balance, and Islam with the help of our elected president has the scales tipped toward Islam and preferential treatment of Muslims above all others in America.  We cannot allow this travesty of justice and complete violation of the 1st Amendment to happen.  If the followers of Islam and Muhammad are allowed to dictate to the West, then the West may as well tie the noose around it's own neck.
God help us.
The Watchman 

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